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  1. Oh, well then, I'm convinced.
    Care to elaborate?

    I thought this thread was about making cards that has great feel and durability (like Sentinels), but that wont arouse suspicion, right? Well Lee Asher's Fournier 605's have a great feel, and wont arouse suspicion. Makes sense?
  2. I don't know what you're talking about with the Bicycle Masters. I love those cards. They last way longer than regular bikes, and although they aren't as good as those fancy custom cards, they look regular, which is exactly what you're asking for...
  3. The Masters just don't cut it. They warp and honestly I am looking for the quality of Sentinels with the backs of bikes.

    Asher's 605's don't look standard. Plain and simple.
  4. Grab a porper clip with some masters =)
  5. Someone already said that people won't question you if you appear confident.

    Along the same line, if you give them adequate reason for the use of 'odd looking cards' that people can accept, that also can fly by them. They will just generally accept it and shrug that off.

    i.e. My friend was saying this is weirdest/coolest deck of card I've seen and told me to try it out. I just got this yesterday, but it does look pretty cool.
    i.e. Did you know U.S. playing company made really sick looking cards? I was at Ohio/Kentucky last vacation and so these cards.

    My two cents. I honestly haven't had trouble with using gimmicky looking deck, though I stopped using them for cost-effectiveness issues.
  6. Byron knows whats up. Performance and attitude is king. You can use any type of deck as long as it doesn't explicitly say MERLIN'S MAGIC CARDS OF WONDER on the box or over and over on the back you are going to be fine.

    Excessively worrying about the backs of your cards is an example of running when you aren't chased.

    Plus, when you do magic for certain people their mind is going to search for a method. That just comes with the territory.

    You guys think that just sticking to red and blue bikes is going to keep the 'trick cards' fairy away? Spoiler alert: It won't.

    Sad thing is I'm willing to bet some of you have been asked when using bikes but still want to cling to this idea.

    You guys know the only difference in the cards is the look and feel. Treat them as such, the audience will pick up on it. Want to be extra cautious? Try offering your cards out for shuffle and examination prior to performing.

    Have a card set up you use? Tons of ways to work around this.

    1: Have the packet retained in the box then after spectator shuffling add the deck to the box.
    2: Have the packet pocketed, ready in a palm, add when you receive the deck back. Consider cutting the deck into two packets and having two different spectators shuffle those packets, add your packet to the cards from the first spectator to finish while you call attention to the other spec who is still shuffling.
    3. Do a full deck switch with any excuse you'd like. You can simply add the cards to the box and say something like "Wait. Before I start, let me be sure I got everyone's names right". Put the deck in your pocket as you say that and then get everyone's names. When that's all done get the set up deck out.
    4. Make friends with the gambler's cop if you haven't already.

    ...I don't really care enough to finish this rant so I'll leave it at that.
  7. They look standard to me. They remind me of one back design from Piatnik cards. They dont have dragons or angels or pyramids or bombs on the back, just a nice design. People are aware that there are other cards besides bicycles you know?
  8. That. More often people are treating your bikes as standard because YOU treat them as the standard. Handle other cards with the same attitude and you can expect the same results.
  9. You're paranoid if you think Sentinels, or any cards that are really just a normal pack of cards will cause people to ask questions. The only decks that even look half way suspicious are the black tigers and shadow masters, and I've even used them without anyone asking questions.

    If a deck looks normal, behaves normal, even if it's gaffed, people won't ask questions unless you give them a reason to.
  10. Guys, I really appreciate the ideas but I feel we have run off topic on this thread. The reason why I don't like the Sentinels is because they look different, not only on the backs but on the faces and the pips are very small so it also might be hard for the spectator to see what their card is or mistake it for another.
  11. You said in your original post (aka the post that determines the topic of the thread) "I love to work with the Sentinels now because of their quality however I can't perform with them due to the fact that they look so different. The last thing I want the spectator to say is "Oh, it's a trick deck." Even if I can give the deck to them the damage is done and that idea has gone through ALL of the spectators heads."

    Your main reason in your original post for not wanting to use sentinels is because you don't want to be accused of using a trick deck. Since some holes got punched into that line of thinking you've conveniently changed your story to being concerned about your spectators being able to read the card. That's just bad form.

    Considering your reason originally given for not performing with sentinels is fear of 'trick deck' thinking, I don't think we are getting off topic at all by discussing that issue.

    Honestly, did you actually TRY performing with them? Did you get called out on it? Whats more if you expect to get called out you are that much more likely to have it happen.

    If you treat Sentinels like any other cards, so will your spectator. You lead. They follow.
  12. There is no need for more overprised decks....What you "feel" is a better deck is just a set of 52 pieces of cardboard....If you were blinded you couldnt tell the difference between sentinels and a regular deck of cards....I could but you can do the same with both decks....They also do not last "waaay longer"..people think that because they want them to last longer so they handle them differently....They are worth more than 8$ usd so....

    And bicycle red's are the standard deck of cards..get over it....If you claim the audience does not think that custom decks are trick decks then you have a ways to go...
  13. you know.. Mr. Elite makes an interesting point... there could be some placebo effect in the works when it comes to playing cards...
  14. There very well could be and I'm sure in some cases there is. However, that works both ways. Just like if you expect one type of cards to perform better than another it might, likewise if you expect one deck of cards to be suspected more than another they might also.

    And don't have...the audience..control a diff...erent deck of cards...and still have the aud...ience treat...them as normal...then
  15. it does depend of course... obviously there are differences in certain cards.... but your own card handling skills determine the life of a deck as well. when i was just getting started, I'd ruin decks in days to weeks... by bending, smudging, nicking, whatever else... as I progressed, decks have lasted much longer... months even
  16. there was a time when i was always asked if i had a trick deck, regardless of look. there was also a time when i was always asked if the deck was stacked, regardless of back design.

    it always always always comes down to performance and showmanship.
  17. I love Sentinels, some of the best cards ever created in my opinion.
  18. There is semantics

    You are wrong....The suspicion is on the audience....You have no control over what the audience thinks regarding if its a gimmick deck or not...Actually the only thing u can do is use a regular deck of cards...

    You fail to realize that gimmicked decks are supposed to be handled as normal decks....the only thing that gives the "this is a gimmick deck" feeling is the unfamiliar design of the cards...Your handling has nothing to do whatsoever....Even after letting the audience handle the deck themselves they will still have suspicions...............................................

    goml plz....
  19. Sorry. I didn't know ignorance was the new knowledge.

    If you think you're right, then my username is Elite Prestidigitation.

    And please, don't give me the I have a long ways to go... You're wrong.... I'm right... speech. It lost its humorous appeal after the 5th or 6th time.
  20. Troll feed aside. In the simplest of terms.

    "the only thing that gives the "this is a gimmick deck" feeling is the unfamiliar design of the cards...Your handling has nothing to do whatsoever....Even after letting the audience handle the deck themselves they will still have suspicions................................ ..............."

    If anyone has been accused of using a trick deck while using the standard red or blue bikes (and most of us have) that immediately blows apart this argument. I really wish you could fathom what a weak argument you are making. Literally, if one person has EVER, been suspected with red bikes then your argument holds no water. To disagree would be the equivalent of a toddler yelling "NOT UHH" over and over again. Though I'm not convinced in the least that you are above such behavior.

    When you do magic for people their mind will often try to work out a method. It is not unreasonable at all to suspect the props as a way to try to fill in the blanks that your effects create. The best thing you can do is make your pre-game and performance style sway them in such a way that they don't even care how you did it. A point of reference would be how the majority of us can enjoy something like star wars without worrying about how they made the light sabers or whatever. You want the puppet show to be so enthralling that even if they catch a glimpse of the man behind the curtain they'll want to get their eyes right back to the show at hand.

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