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  1. The coin bend has always been one of my pet effects; I love the organic feel it has to it...Using borrowed 'props' makes this effect seem like a miracle and leaves the spectator with a souvenir that will last a lifetime.

    One of my very great friends, Branden Wolf, made his debut with his coin bend, Bison.


    The performer borrows a coin from a spectator & displays it at his fingertips applying a little pressure to the coin with both hands the coin is seen to bend. The newly bent coin is instantly handed back to the spectator and the performers hands are cleanly shown to be empty.

    Bison literally replaced by coin bending routine, of course adding my own little touches to it.

    When I first watched the video I couldn't believe it, I actually thought that Branden actually devised a method to bend a coin at fingertips and the more I watched it, the more I was fooled and the more I loved it.

    This is such a great method for switching a coin, very deceptive and the little subtleties that Branden has added to the coin bend.

    Now the handling for this effect is just clean, simple and fair in appearance.

    First of all, the performer's hands are shown to be completely empty,second, every move flows together very smoothly with no awkard movements at all and has complete motivation, and third, the coin never leaves the spectator's sight and it's visual.

    Angles are good in this coin bend as well, the only problem is if somebody was behind you, but that would me they couldn't see the coin bend, so I see no problems here.

    The teaching was phenomenal, Branden also teaches you to bend a coin and everything was clean, simple and easy to follow along and read.

    If you could really bend a coin, it would look like this.
  2. Wow that bend is sexy.

    I think I'll be checking this out ;)

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    It very well is.

    I haven't been more satisfied with a coin bend since Bison, it's truly a work of art.

    Inferno | Kaiser
  4. hmmm.. looks interesting. probably will look into it.

  5. This is something that I actually recommend you look into, if you're into the coin bend.

    Bison looks natural and clean and fair in appearance and there will be no evidence for your spectator to suggest a switch was involved, because of how clean it looks.

    And every move has movitation and flows smoothly with the last, thus making no awkards movements for the spectator to call suspicious.

    Inferno | Kaiser
  6. Yo,

    Inferno thank you for your kind words on BISON. I really appreciate it!

    To those 'looking into it' my suggestion is...If it looks like something you'd perform, go for it. I can't imagine you being disappointed with BISON. Daniel Madison, Dee Christopher, and Chris Lafferty all enjoy the effect.

    That's not even aimed to be an arrogant statement; it's only a confidence statement.

    Again, thanks for the kind words!

  7. No problem Branden, you've haven't dissappointed and I really enjoyed Bison.

    Also, thanks for posting and I see why Daniel, Chris and Dee enjoyed the effect, the reactions and the effect itself are great.

    Inferno | Kaiser
  8. Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

    No problem, man. I appreciate you giving word about BISON.


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