Black Friday E-mail Secrets

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  1. I'm pretty sure the superman looking one has to be about Homer Liwag and that building is the jerry nugget casino and that deck looking thing i think looks like some split spades so it might be a deck clip because it is silver but it also looks like that ace of spades from the smoke and mirrors and i know the v5's are coming soon. Those are my guesses.

    but i don't think it could be the smoke and mirrors because the have a different box.
  2. i think the jerry nugget casino is for jason englands foundations 2
  3. the last pic looks like a card clip cuz its shiny but it could be a new deck
  4. My Guesses

    1) Superman?= some kind of change
    2) Jerry's Nuggets clearly= Jerry's Nuggets release
    3) Silver Split Spades!
  5. The superman one is now definitely Calen Morelli's shirt trick, the more I think about it. Jerry's nuggets... Well, Casey and JB have both said this year's contest is much bigger, unlike anything before.. If anything, they're either selling j nuggs (unlikely) or giving away 1-2 as a prize (lot more likely).

    That AOS I can definitely tell you isn't S&M v.5s. Those won't be out before New Years'.
  6. Hmm, interesting. I didn't see those the first time but I just skimmed really.

    Possible Spoiler Warning:
    My thoughts are contained below as to what these images could symbolize. If you would like to keep your thoughts your own without influence from other's thoughts then don't read below.

    The Building Picture:
    Since MalibuARMY posted that picture of the Jerry's Nugget Casino it is pretty obvious it is that exact picture. They are the exact same size and everything, just the one they put in the email is desaturated and has some type of blur applied (looks like a gaussian blur to me). I can see this being a couple things, but I'm not entirely sure. My first guess would be probably a limited run of Jerry Nugget's cards, though that's usually Lee Asher's thing to do, or something like that (maybe like a new type of card from the casino that is really good too or something). I can also see this being more releases by Jason England, whether another Foundations DVD (like MaxWhattup said) or just another downloadable video. Past those two things I can't really think of much else unless it's like a trick image where they are going to be restocking some Wynn cards instead or something.

    "Superman" Picture:
    This is an interesting one. The "motion" blur on this one makes it tricky to really decide what it could be. It does look something sort of like some of Homer Liwag's things though, to me anyways. So my guess for that would be it's D1IE that is coming out or something. But I'm not entirely sure if that's it since Theory11 tweeted that the beginning of the shoot was beginning on the 21st, though that tweet could also be a delayed image posted or something (the tweet I'm talking about is this one). Five days just doesn't really seem like enough time to do an entire production of one of Homer's products. But again, I could be wrong. The other idea that I thought was good, though I hadn't seen it or heard of it until I read it here, was saborfang17's suggestion that it could be Calen Morelli's shirt change effect (can be viewed here as a revelation). I think this because if you look at the left hand (right side of image) it looks like it is gripping the shirt between the index and middle finger, so kinda like a hint that it deals with the shirt some how.

    Deck Picture:
    This is another tough one, but more because of how desaturated it is rather than the blur. It does look silver-ish so ya it could be a card clip but I'm not to convinced of that. It just doesn't look like one really, looks to thick and like a full deck of cards. I also compared it to a card clip I have and I think you'd be able to see the hollowness of it from that angel (it also has a line across the top like where light would be reflecting on the box crease for the flap and I don't think that'd be on a card clip). Also, as it does look like the Split Spade logo of David Blaine's I think it is actually a modified DD logo from Dan and Dave Buck. The Split Spade logo is tight together while that looks more separated in the picture. So I believe that is about the release of the new Smoke and Mirrors v.5, especially since I believe JB already has some since he sent some pictures to Dan Buck (look here for that tweet).
  7. Thank you for your insightful post meishe91. We are very close to finding the secrets. I just have one problem. I just cannot find the dang superman picture. Can anyone give me a hint without giving it away fully?

    I think that would be okay since we have helped others out in where to look.
  8. Here is a hint Malibu - It is somewhere between the two blue paragraphs in the Holiday Contest section of the email
  9. haha i can't find the superman one either dangit aha

    gah, all the things i'm missing out because i ordered early -.-
    no wynns or discount and if they release a new limited deck, my god

    i sorta recall remembering people talking about that they were already designing the new split spades since they don't print the first ones anymore, but i could be wrong.
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    OMFG! I can't believe I missed that. I must have been distracted while watching avatar: the last airbender. I love Zuko! But that doesn't matter.

    Thanks so much,

  11. Alright here is my input:

    The cards are not split spades. I (badly) sharpened the image and you can see it is not a card clip either. It is a box of cards.

    I think they are under the centurion line. What do you think
  12. The deck- White Centurinuggets! The most rare deck of cards out there!
  13. I kinda hope its that shirt change from the video... that looks sick!
  14. i resharpened the card image so you can make something out of it w/out the grainyness that onimushalord89 provided. and i zoomed in and there is definatel a line/separation between the 2 spade-like figures.
  15. Everyone seems to think that if it was a card clip, it would be JUST a card clip in the pic. What if it IS in fact a new card clip but it is around an existing (or new?) deck of cards, and blurred to throw us off?
  16. it is not a card clip because you can see the fold in the box where the flap folds back on. Look Close
  17. Thank you very much for working so hard to help this puzzle be solved.

    My notes: This could be a card clip, that explains the metal and silver coloring. The card clip is seen from an angle where we see the top and the side of it. We don't see the other side which is probably where you put the deck into the clip.


    This could be a deck of cards and the reason why the box looks so shiny is because it is a special box like the Sentinels. Everyone has been talking about the box just as much as the cards itself. They might want to make another "Epic Box."

    We are getting so close.
  18. I don't think its a card case... most card cases have a little inset on the side for you to be able to pull out the deck, this picture lacks it. If you notice the ace of spade kind of splits out at the top. This leads me to believe that it is a new deck, or at least a modification of an old one. It is similar to the split spades ace, but its a bit more narrow at the top. Has anyone considered that some of the images may be related?
  19. Also, JB said there were going to be FIVE new releases...we only got 3 pictures. MAYBE there is multiple things in the pictures that we aren't catching?
  20. You make a very valid point however, the good quality card cases don't have the inset on the side.


    Example of a BAD card clip (which Theory 11 hopefully will not sell):,r:1,s:0

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