Black Friday E-mail Secrets

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  1. wow nice find man
  2. wow, that's the exact same picture ( link straight to the background) right done to the tie being draped on the right hand, but hopefully it is the shirt change and they just used that image for a teaser, like the way they used the google jerry's nugget casino to refrence something like foundations 2.
  3. The shirt change can't be to far from

    Angelo Carbone's "Shirt Happens" so I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be a release.
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    If it is the shirt change, I can assure it's different - and in some ways an improvement - on "Shirt Happens"
  5. It's Calen Morelli's, and the shirt change is definitely coming. Not sure about the method in relation to other methods, but I think it's safe to assume it's a release.
  6. Things are on track and on schedule for launch. Less than 24 hours remaining! We're preparing the official unveiling for 11:00pm EST on Wednesday, December 1st. Five releases. And one crazy contest! I'm excited to see this come together and confident you guys will be in for a ride. Join us at 11 to be a part of it.
  7. We'll be here Casey. I am looking forward to it.
  8. or 8:00 PST :p


    CANT WAIT!!!
  9. Damn Damn. I'll be working.

    Thanks for the clarification guys ^
  10. Wow man, you are slick. I didn't notice that at all.
  11. Hey guys, just 12 hours away!
  12. I know I'm stoked I can't wait! Gosh I hate to wish my life away BUT..... lol
  13. 6 hours remaining until we unveil all the new FIVE releases! Be here tonight at 11PM EST to find out what all the buzz is about! This is a very exciting event and we are proud that it is coming together. :)
  14. That's five in the morning for me. Is this some kind of loyalty test? ;)
  15. Bragging rights says I'm right and it's a Calen Morelli shirt trick release, and that the Jerry's Nuggets picture is probably the contest 1st place prize (T11 would never sell Jerry's.. Atleast, I doubt it).
  16. I'm starting to not like the 11:00 thing so much... People have school and jobs you know.... Saturday's fine, but wednesday? Well what can I do... I got tons of hw, haven't got much sleep this week, and have 3 quizzes tomorrow... So it's pretty obvious what I'm gonna do...

    Stay up until 11 for the releases! :)
  17. yea i'll be staying up but i'll be having a hard time writing my 5page essay due tomorrow morning. Luckily i'll have something to do while i wait for the new 5 releases.

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