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  1. You might be right. I'll go back and take another look. Thanks,
  2. No problem. I thought about this when I mentioned that maybe it is a new clip AND a new deck of cards. I guess time will tell. I am interested in everyone's thoughts though.
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    1. First picture: the deck/card clip:

    That is a new deck of cards or a card clip. It might be both too, a new deck and a new clip for it.

    2. Second picture: Jerry Nugget Casino:

    This could be for Jerry Nugget cards which are epic and rare. So that means theory 11 would do something with the rare Jerry Nugget cards. This might also represent Jason England in a way. I don't know the connection personally but that would make the release something by Jason England, maybe a Foundations 2.

    3. Third Picture:

    This could also be a new shirt change by Calen Morelli. I sure hope it is.

    That is my update. I think we just about figured out everything.
  4. On the Superman pic, it honestly looks like a T11 colab with Tron :p.

    The other one could be a new box for the Sentinels. Could just be a bright silver design, or instead of a clip, it could be an actual steel box. Or maybe it is a new deck of cards.

    Idk, T11 never skimps on the holiday mysteries do they.
  5. Well its pretty clear on Foundations Vol. 2. So that leaves us with 4 more. My guesses....

    1. Foundations Vol. 2
    2. Calen Morelli's Shirt Change
    3. D1IE by Homer Liwag
    4. Some new deck
    5. Some new card clip

    People have been forgetting about D1IE... Don't forget to include it...
  6. Last year around this time they mentioned a project with Mathieu Bich and DM. Are these going to be coming this year?
  7. The deck IS D1IE. And Calen Morelli's shirt change is definitely set in stone. He's hinted to it quite subtley, and he said he was having a release with t11. It's DEFINITELY NOT TKO. The Jerry's Nuggets I still believe is a contest prize, as I doubt they'd actually sell Jerry's. That's Lee Asher's gig.
  8. i think the new deck or card clip is related to the S&M V5, bc the release of them is coming soon, plus i heard the box is going to be a metalic
  9. Only if you guys read D&D news, you'd know that they're not coming out this year.
  10. And where exactly did you read this "news"?

    I'd like to see it for myself.

  11. I predict end of december, plus next year can mean january, thats not far away.

    and if you looked at the forum you would see this post that dan made

    We are communicating with the USPCC everyday to try and get v5 out as soon as possible. The goal is to have them out well before Christmas. We will keep you informed.


    Last post on the page
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  13. Really, a triple post all saying the same thing?

    Was that really necessary?
  14. No one has mentioned the t11 diary vid that was posted a bit back. The one with Chris Mayhew in it. He said he was going to release his hole card trick thing. I'm almost positive that is one of the releases. My other guesses are Foundations 2, Calen Morelli shirt change, D1IE, and a new deck of cards.
  15. Hey guys, here is the unblurred photo of the Jerry's Nugget casino

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