BlacklineMagic Forums

Sep 2, 2007
Hey guys, Im sure a lot of you have heard about Blackline Magic recently. I just saw that the forums are up and running. I’m really excited here is the link

By the way I have nothing to do with the site, if the mods feel the need to delete this please do so.
Hey guys,

Thanks for your support, it comes with deep appreciation even with the sarcasm. Sorry to say the magic comes Halloween 09', we released the forums early to give everyone a chance to get a feel of what were about. Please keep in mind the forums themselves are still under construction and have a few kinks were working on but we'll be back to speed soon.

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Nov 10, 2007
Awesomness. Be very excited for whats in store. They are coming out with some of the most unique stuff I have seen in a while:)
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