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  1. Hey guys.... in my english class, i get asked to do a trick every once in a whil for the whole class. and so today i was asked to do one. so i did jeoprady by paul green. and i was right at the end of the trick, and i dont know how, but i blew it completely. like i couldn't have done anything to fix the problem, i couldn't redeem myself or anything.... what do you do in situations like this, were you have realized that you have completely f***** up a trick and you don't want to get utterly embarassed like i did?

    Thanks for your help.
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    My school had a after school oktoberfest (spelling?) thingy and I did magic at it. I had a table set up with a box with cards and props in it. One of the tricks that I did was the gimmicked three card monte. I've done the trick many times before and did it alot that night. But one time, I accedently flipped over one of the cards and had a HUGE flash. Everyone saw it and I was mad. What I did was I quickly scooped up all the cards, put them away and started with anouther trick. I didn't say anything, I just did it. Thats what I do when I mess up a trick. Hope people don't give you to much crap for your mistake, we all make them.

    - Ben
  3. i am stumped on this effect.gaffs

    and your question

    this has happend to me 4 times

    what i do is make a joke and turn the effect into a comedy routine, or do another trick that blows the prevous trick out of the water.

    i was doing 5 speed before and was caught with 4 cards towards the end, so i said yes there are four left but with a snap there are three. card to pocket

    it redeemed me completely.
  4. be like. just kidding
  5. thanks man, tat really helps (sarcasm)
  6. Well first off there is always a way to fix a mess up you just have to think of something right away. Like where did you mess up?
  7. i don't know where i messed up, and this is the kind of trick where if you mess it up you can't fix it, that is just the way the trick is... and i only found out at the end, when i was dealing the cards into a face up and face down group... it was pretty awful
  8. Practice to the point where you don't screw up. Or carry an invisible deck with you. If it was a trick where it was just based around 1 selection it can be fixed. Otherwise just get the trick to a T.
  9. it wasn't a selection trick... and this trick is weird because the spectator could screw this trick up by accident without you even knowing... but when the effect works, it's really good.
  10. this is really hard to redeem yourself
    normally, a pick a card trick a simple color change will work.
    but for jeopardy... hm..
    lets say the final card is ace of spades. but it becomes a 4 of hearts.
    pretend its part of the trick. locate the Ace of Spades, do a top change. give them the ace of spades.
    "look for the ace of spades in the deck" find the 4 of hearts. voila.

    you have to be fast in order to fix these little buggers.
  11. i dont know the trick in question but i think its just a matter of experience and quick thinking. For instance, whenever im asked for a quick trick i have been using Commercial by dan and dave lately. The only problem with this is that on a few occassions the "force" has missed and i have been mistaken with the reveal. instead of freaking out, the way i like to recover is by asking simply what their card was, they respond, i start spreading through talking about how it really is a normal deck and ostensibly looking for their card. What they dont know is im culling the matching 3 other cards. upon finding their card i bring it to the top and reveal the other three in a variety of ways. It usually ends up blowing them away or at the very least saves face. Its also a great way to lead into another trick using four of a kind like Kannibal Kings or the Queens, etc.
  12. i just have to say that i really like the thread title.

    that is all.
  13. I do what others have another trick. I was doing some stuff to a friend of mine that I haven't seen in a while and I blew the last trick. I didn't want to end it with that, so I did a quick sandwich effect and he was blown away....and hopefully he forgot about the mess up.
  14. why? is it what she said?
  15. yes... but the spectator messed up the shuffling, so none of my answers/predictions were right...
  16. Usally one can fix the trick by adapting quickly and with a little thaught. For instance if I transfer the wrong card in a Biddle trick, or have a feeling I missed the break or whatever, then while "handleing" the five cards I'll show them then one by one and ask if it was their's. Then after that push into an ACR with it, or start another trick.
    If I completley screw it up, I smile, state that even I make mistakes, take it calm, maybe make a joke, and go right into another trick or tell them that I will make it up to them with the next trick.
  17. Well
    some quick thinking
    what you could have done. was turned the first part into a joke. Say how everything is random and really unpredicatble. Then go into a triumph effect where you make the Ace of Spades the appearing card or just get a card picked.
  18. I guess you could say something like "See, magicians like me sometimes mess up on purpose to build drama" or something like that.
    I'm not sure if that'll work in all situations though.
    Any thoughts?
  19. its just one or few spectators, it wont make or break what little reputation you already have.

    not once have you thanked anyone of these people for some pretty sound advice. so how about this.... practice it with other people. if they didnt shuffle it right, you can blame noone but yourself. you could work on audience management, or go into a different effect all together. listen to these peoples advice, because some of it is actually pretty decent.
  20. If the effect uses predictions, you can always say if it goes wrong : "...once again proving that predicting the future is impossible. " And then maybe explain that a prediction can only be accurate if it's based on very specific points, like just one card for example. And then use your trustworthy Invisible Deck to save the day.

    Remember, you're the only one who know what will happen next in your trick, so if you act like you made predictions just to prove that it's impossible to predict such complicated thing as the order of the deck, they won't even think you messed up.

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