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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by mclintock, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Now that I have Bobo's Coin Magic AND some half dollars... (The book is a bit useless without them as I found out...) I would like to know from the fellow coin magicians here, what are some of your favorite tricks from Bobo?
  2. I have the videos, but I haven't looked into them all that much. I started with Expert Coin Magic Made Easy with David Roth. I don't have any books on coin magic apart from Harry Lorayne's The Magic Book, so I think I'll invest in Bobo's book as soon as I can. What are some routines in Bobo that you like?
  3. Page 44 and 45 have a nice technique that you should find useful
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  4. That does look interesting, though I came across the Winged Silver trick and have been working on that. There are some weird parts of it though, not having an illustrations is a bit rough :p

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