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  1. It appears I've said things that haven't clicked with you and you've said things that haven't clicked with me, because I did in fact state multiple times that most of the advice was from bone and others.

    Peace out.
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    Anyway, back on topic...please ppl.

    So I measured it again and it's actually about 65 to 75 centimeters - not quite 2.5 feet yet. Needless to say, I am far from satisfied.
    Heightwise, I'm fine, but I'm just having problems with the catching part.
    Thanks for all the help.

    Dragon521: thank you for pointing out my original questions again.

    JetEyeNight: I appreciate the tips but, as I have practiced this for more than a month, I already have figured out most of those.
  3. agree.

    hoho my english is bad ? sry im indonesian :p

    ..but the topic is the anaconda dude, not my english :confused:

    i have to ask any of you guys is the deck must be dribbled straight up or a bit diagonally done.. i got it longer when i do it a bit diagonal. any ideas? :)
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    but whatever...anyway it should be straight up. It looks better that way, also, it is extremely difficult to drop cards sideways. Although I'm sure that Devo's son can do it. =P
  5. ah it's really hard :p
  6. I enjoyed reading this thread ^^
  7. eugene in da house babeh.. :p
  8. Again, please follow the forum rules. Use proper English, or at least proper capitalization and punctuation.
  9. Get off your high horse. This is the internet.
  10. Very astute observation Dragon! Yes, this is the Internet. Does that give people a license to start abbreviating everything? (including words like "sorry" which is short enough on it's own, it definitely doesn't need to be abbrieviated "sry").

    I may be mini-modding, but does this being the Internet give you the right to practicing poor grammar and punctuation? The forum rules are in place for a reason, but I guess I'll "get off my high horse" because I requested that people post their thought clearly.

    I feel sorry for people who have English as a second language. It would be nearly impossible for them to follow some of these posts, especially those by ndhikaamad1son. Think of other people, not just yourself.
  11. Maybe he doesn't know how to speak English, and there is nothing of use to foreigners in this topic. You know you can damn well understand what he's saying, you just like hearing your own voice.

    You're proving more and more delusional every time you post.
  12. Sorry, Lord Jesus.
  13. Dragon, you're the only one who is delusional, thinking that someone can actually hear their own voice in the form of typed words on a message board.

    I want to point something out....How do you know I'm not hearing impaired or deaf? The hearing impaired/deaf rely on proper writing, grammar, spelling, and punctuation to be able to communicate effectively.

    Dragon, your cocky, agressive New-Yorker attitude doesn't impress anyone. You're the reason I would never live out on the East Coast. Dragon, this is just a simple case of manners and respect for others. I'm just wondering, did anyone ever teach you manners, or were you always this bitter?
  14. *Hears crickets chirping*
    Because you've been making an ass out of yourself this whole thread, something most deaf people wouldn't do, and because the chances of a deaf person being a magician with a disorder that affects social interaction as much as deafness does, is highly unlikely.
    Neither does your musical talents, knot tying abilities, or all the fish you've caught. ;)
    Keep in mind I'm not the one trying to make someone learn college-level English for the benefit of all the deaf people (and other foreigners) on an internet magic forum.

    Maybe you should read some Twain:
    "It is better to be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt."
  15. I don't know where you learned your English, but the basic English that I'm asking be used, I learned in elementary school.

    Cardistry requires little social interaction, but you're right, I'm not deaf.

    To respond to your statement:

    Actually yes it does. I live in the Land of 10,000 lakes, fishing is a religion here. My musical talents do in fact impress people, but I don't have to prove that to you.
  16. It also doesn't require reading an internet forum.
    That's nice. :rolleyes:
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    (I'll just say what I need to say; it will be fairly blunt. Don't take offense.)

    Even if you are someone who does things with their hands (me included) card flourishes take practice nonetheless. Normally, someone does not practice a card flourish by solving a Rubik's cube or typing, even though both require finger dexterity.
    The best way to practice a flourish is to actually practice the flourish, not practice guitar scales.
    Your credentials are in the wrong forum.

    Also, no matter how much you want people to use proper english or grammar, it won't happen; people are just too lazy no matter what you say.

    Now this thread itself:
    I created this thread in hope of getting some advanced tips and subtleties for the dribble. And I did.
    *insert politically correct, spellchecked, grammatically accurate smile face here*

    When you said:
    "Dragon, your cocky, agressive New-Yorker attitude doesn't impress anyone. You're the reason I would never live out on the East Coast. Dragon, this is just a simple case of manners and respect for others. I'm just wondering, did anyone ever teach you manners, or were you always this bitter?"
    I suggest you click here if you need help.
    Even if Dragon said it in a mean way, what he said could still be correct.

    Sorry for being blunt.

    ~Jazz, author of the thread
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    JazzHands, thanks for being blunt. The last page or so has been about following forum rules, and using proper English, and much less about the Anaconda dribble, for that I apologize. I understand that people are lazy, but this is supposed to be the worlds underground magic and cardistry epicenter, so it needs to be treated that way. Let's not ruin it with graffiti.

    I like how you quoted me attacking Dragons characteristics, but you failed to notice that Dragon was actually the first to start attacking me and my characteristics. Dragon said to me "You're proving more and more delusional every time you post" and "you just like hearing the sound of your own voice". You're telling me that wasn't an ad hominem? Also, Dragon is the one who brought up the fact that I'm a fisherman in an attempt to belittle me. That wasn't ad hominem either I suppose? I didn't start throwing personal attacks until long after he did. There's only so many attacks I'll absorb before I respond in volley.

    Of course cardistry takes practice, but some people are more adept to it than others because of experience they have gained from other activities that require the use of their hands. If you go over to decknique you'll see this illustrated as there was a thread dedicated to how being a musician helps with cardistry.

    Thanks for remaining neutral and unbiased.

    If you're all done making personal attacks, including me (I apologize if I've hurt anyone's ego) let's get back to the Anaconda dribble.
  19. In response to your very lame attempt at defending your proper English tirade.
    Again, in response to your delusion of grandeur.
    You seem to have forgoten that the quote you're talking about was in response to "Dragon, your cocky, agressive New-Yorker attitude doesn't impress anyone."
    So your calling for an end to personal attacks, in the same sentence where your (notice the wrong use of your, I did that just to piss you off ;)) attacking my ego. Here's some food for thought, if you are right, that I'm the bad, cocky, evil New Yorker who wants all noobs to die, and you are the humble country-boy fishermen just looking out for the greater good, why are you the only person defending yourself?

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