Bone's Anaconda Dribble

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by jazzhands1, Dec 19, 2008.

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    thanks all!
  2. Hey Guys! I've been practicing this move for about 30 minutes now, and I'm picking it up very quickly! I've already got about an 8" Anaconda! We'll I guess it's more of a gardener snake at only 8" but hey, for 30 minutes of practice it ain't half bad! Now I know some of you may think I'm lying, but I'm not. I'm an avid juggler of clubs, I am a musician, I play the french horn in a community band, I can somewhat play trumpet, clarinet, and the alto sax. I can type 50-60 words per minute. I've been doing oragami since I was in 5th grade. I've been a fisherman since I was a kid, so tying knots is a must and requires skilled fingers. In other words, I'm great with my hands. All my life I've liked working with my hands.

    Here are some pointers...

    Grip is vital! Make sure that you're not gripping too tightly, especially don't let the pad/tip of your middle finger or ring finger over hang on the bottom of the deck otherwise the cards will flip. Your ring and middle fingers need to be exactly flush with the bottom of the deck when you start the dribble.

    Make sure the cards are level when you dribble them!! This may seem obvious, but from months of practicing card springs close to chest at an angle from my right shoulder to my lift hip, it's a little tricky making the transition. SO.... to keep the cards level move the deck about 2 feet away from your chest. This will help keep the cards level, so when they fall, they all fall in a straight line and will stick together, almost by themselves.

    ALSO make sure that you're cleanly dribbling the cards one-by-one by riffling the cards with your thumb while pushing down closely to the corner with your index finger. If you don't know how to riffle, practice that before practicing this move. This is as important as riffling the cards one-by-one in the lepaul spread.

    REMEMBER this is a dribble not a card spring, so you don't need a lot of force, don't rush this! GENTLY push down with the index finger, while riffling the cards off of your thumb.

    These are subtle things that I've noticed have really helped me learn the Anaconda. I've got a long ways to go before this is perfected, but following these steps I know I'll be there in no time, as will you!
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    What I think: When you can do it over 2 feet, the cards start to feel like 1 solid, strectchy unit.
  4. I don't mean to come off as brash...well yes I do...but what kind of ego trip is this? Honestly, if you've been practicing a move for 30 minutes, you probably shouldn't be giving advice. Just my opinion.

    And it's also good to let people figure stuff out themselves. Common sense tells you that answering every question and giving away subtleties is helpful, but in the cardistry world, it's more helpful to let people work out their problems without help. Just think about it.
  5. I agree with you. However I've been doing the move for 31 minutes and I agree with him, so take my word for it ;)

    No. Anybody asking for help, practice the move for at LEAST a few days before asking questions, XCM (or whatever you guys named it) isn't instant gratification! You actually need to practice this stuff and try to work it out on your own first. So please for your own sake if you give half a sh*t about your personal growth in the art, try to work it out for a week and any problems you have after that you can post up.
  6. woouww, and I can make a sweater in like 3 hr, in yo face cocky guy!
  7. I have practiced the anaconda about every day for 3 weeks or so...i have a solid 2 feet standing up. =D
  8. LOL Standing up, hehe, for some reason I've noticed it's easier to do sitting down than standing up, maybe cause if I drop I don't have to bend down a pick the cards up :p So, yeah, thanks for adding that you can do it standing up *thumbs up*
  9. :D ;)

    doing an anaconda dribble is easier sitting down than doing it dangling from a helicopter. darn mental barriers...

  10. It wasn't an ego trip, and I surely wasn't being cocky. I was merely giving credentials to show that I wasn't lying about accomplishing an anaconda dribble. How did I know you, yes you dragon521, were going to say something like this? Why can I not give advice for what I know works? Is there something that you don't agree with about the advice I was giving? Please discuss what you don't agree with rather than saying "you shouldn't give advice, even though it's sound". This is a discussion about the anaconda dribble. And what is wrong with being proud of yourself and taking pride in the work you do? There is such a thing as being too timid and shy. Be bold. You'll never get anywhere in life without confidence in yourself and not being afraid.

    Let me give you something to think about... this was a thread.... about the anaconda dribble.... in which people are talking about it. The creator of the thread asked for tips. The tips I've given were mostly from Bone Ho's tutorial, and a few subtle things I learned on my own and from others.

    I agree, it is good to let people figure stuff out on their own, however, if you let someone who's been beating their head against the wall over and over, doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results, that's insanity. Obviously sometimes people need a nudge in the right direction. What is the point of having a cardistry forum if we can't discuss technique?
  11. The reason it's better to work on something a few days, then explain it, is that you might find out you're wrong.
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    anaconda babeh..

    just make it longer like trashman said before :D

    and then *uhhh huh uh huh*..

    ..oww, tadaaa.. my anaconda is 1ft longer now! :D

    and now's my turn to give YOU something to think about.. this was a thread... about the anaconda dribble.. not about a musician, fisherman, tie knotting and whatever..

    yes, cardistry forum is used to discuss some technique. but it seems that ur describing ur hand-skills experience, than discuss bout "my card drops if ... , why that happened", "something happened if i.." , asking others kindly and sharing , not trying to arguing with them. discuss . watch it boi.. *thumbsdown*
  13. Well seeing as how you've been working on it for 30 minutes and can get 8" on something that's supposed to be up to a yard or more, I think you can see my concerns. ;) In case you don't understand, I'm saying you're not qualified to give any advice. Hell, this move is so simple is doesn't need advice, or a tutorial for that matter, it's just practice.
  14. nice

    Word. ;)

    and... to advice after 30 minutes of learning you should do anaconda dribble better than Bone. because bone has given his advises already, and he's the man.
  15. Where are you from? I had a really hard time understanding what you wrote. If English is not your first language, I apologize. Please observe all forum rules. In the English language, at the beginning of sentences you capitalize the first letter of the first word. You also don't start sentences with the word "and".

    You guys, my post was not meant to offend anyone. If this move was so easy, the creator of the thread wouldn't have created the thread to specifically ask for advice. If you don't agree with the advice I gave, don't say, "you are not qualified to give advice", correct my advice. I'm giving advice based off of my experience and what I know to be true. To reiterate from a previous post, I got most of my advice from Bone's thread, and paraphrasing from others. It wasn't just my suggestions I was giving, it was others as well. I didn't come up with it all on my own.

    Also please stop stroking each others Anaconda's.
  16. Alright, if you want me to address your actual advice, I guess I will. I'll start out by pointing out the topic creator can do a 2 1/2 foot anaconda. You can do an 8" one. It's like me trying to educate a professor. But lets see what you actually answered.
    You didn't answer that. Next.
    You didn't answer that either...
    I think I'm detecting a pattern...

    I guess you'll say that your advice fell under tips for this very long dribble (not so long in your case). So lets take a look at what you actually wrote
    You honestly think people won't realize this within their first 2 tries?
    You said it yourself...
    By definition you can only riffle one card at a time, and I think if someone doesn't know how to riffle a deck, they shouldn't be learning the anaconda just yet...
    I can't believe Bone didn't put this vital bit in the tutorial

    If you were trying to give advice to someone who has never seen a deck of cards in his life, or a fish, then maybe your tips would be helpful. But all I see is the obvious being stated. At least I came away from your post knowing you're an avid fishermen!
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    Dragon, I appreciate your candid response, thank you.

    Maybe being the professional cardist/XCMer that you are, the advice I gave probably would seem obvious, but for many, if not only just a few, it might have been helpful. In your case, since it was already obvious to you, disregard the advice. What do you normally do when advice doesn't apply to your particular circumstance? Disregard it. The advice I gave wasn't neccessarily directed at the creator of the thread, but those who were interested enough to look into the thread who were interested in learning me. Remember we're not all professionals, so your elitist attitude is not appreciated. Some of us are relative beginners (I've been practicing flourishing for a year, but loved it for years), who come here for fun and excitement, but your poor attitude is just bringing me down. Making constant attacks on me post after post, when all I was trying to do was help. I have yet to see any advice from you on this flourish. This is supposed to be a fun place, where people come to share an art and discuss techniques, but people like you with your have left a bad taste in my mouth. Why do you feel the need to be so negative? This negativity vibe is killing me.
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    You have nothing to back that up. If your advice was that good, people would be praising you in this thread
    Well normally when people are giving advice, they A)Have some kind of expirience with what they are giving advice on and B)Don't go through a list of irrelevant qualifications before giving me said advice...
    Because there is little advice to give, and I don't believe in giving advice on flourishes anyway.
    Sure, it's supposed to be a fun place, but with people constantly asking for substitutions for practice and people like you feeding the fire it becomes a not so nice place and just pisses me off afterwhile. That's where my "negativity"comes from and if negativity is killing you, then the ignorance here is eating my rotting corps....
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    Dragon, A) I did have experience. maybe not much, but I did have experience. And to reiterate for about the 3rd time, most of my advice came directly from Bone and others who have been successful performing the Anaconda Dribble. B) I listed those qualifications to show that I'm adept with my hands, and can learn activities that require the use of hands quickly. I don't think that the qualifications I listed were irrelevant. There have been discussions about how being a musician (which I am) helps with cardistry, so why not other activities that require skilled hands?

    I AGREE with you there. There is no substitution for practice. But please here me out... I just don't think there's anything wrong with giving advice. I was just trying to generate excitement about this newly released move. It looks awesome, and I personally can't wait to be able to perform it smoothly. I would love to see this move in flourishing montages and I don't want it to fall off the radar. Or would you rather it stay "underground"?
  20. You never said this, and even if you did, the fact remains, their successful with the move, you're not. Seeing as no matter how many times I say this, it doesn't click with you, this will probably be my last post in this thread. 30 minutes doesn't qualify as expierience, considering Bone ahs been doing it since 2004 (at least) and many others have been working on it for years...
    I would rather it stay with the people who are willing to give it the proper amount of attention.

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