Bone's Anaconda Dribble

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    Ok....back to the Anaconda dribble.

    Another thought has crossed my mind recently.

    Although I can do a solid 2.25 foot dribble, I was wondering whether it was better in your opinion to have a more 'open' grip or a tighter grip (which would be similar to the card spring catching grip.)
    That is, an open grip = extending the fingers more, tighter grip = not as extended.

    What do you all think?

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    Jeteye: I am a musician myself.
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if it'd be easier for you guys with a video tutorial. =)

    I can understand the difficulties of learning from a photograph tutorial... there are so many important points that just cannot be conveyed... like pressure, timing, how the arms really move, how the fingers slide... the details of the grip... and just so much more...

    It's like watching a non-detailed performance video that tells you what happens as it goes along more than anything else.

    So if you guys think a video tutorial will help... just let me know... and I can probably get something arranged with you know who. =)

    Plus, a little photo tutorial really doesn't do this 'legendary' move the justice it deserves.
    There's just so much more to it!

    Hit back!

    -Huron Low, The Virts
  3. yeah that would be great! i personally already have the move down ok... but
    a video would be awsome cuz there is so much finnesse that goes into this move and pics dont do it justice like you said. thanks
  4. Huron,

    I (and many others, I'm sure) would greatly appreciate a video tutorial. The photo tutorial taught the essentials, which works for many people, but a video will better teach the finer points and nuances of this move.
    For example: bringing the hands back together, or letting the cards go.
    Also: the proper sound for this flourish, how smooth it should be, etc....

    This flourish is just as detailed as a Lepaul spread - except that there is so much more on the Lepaul spread than the Anaconda.

    I hope Bone will release a video tutorial.

  5. Yeah, I would really appreciate a video tutorial. Keep us updated. Thanks!

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