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  1. On the ellusionist custom decks (and im sure on the ones here too) there is the name of a card under the barcode written with letters and numbers, like 2 O7 5P4D3s (2 of spades). how do you guys utilize this into a trick, if you do? like force it on them and then reveal it? and are laymen amazed by this? does it get good reactions? i was just wondering if its a worthwile effect or not.
  2. yeah i've used this reveal before and it doesn't usually get that great of reactions. People just assume it's been there before. A Tricycle box gets much better reactions
  3. yeah i thought so,
    wats a tricycle box?
  4. its the box from either the ultra gaff deck or the ghost gaff deck.

    I think, dont hold me too it
  5. no. the Tricycle box does not just say 3 of spades. it says it in a special bfont, so that, upside down, it still looks like BICYCLE
  6. You have an idea of how it works. Again, how the laymen react often depends on the presentation.

    Here's how I've used it (minus the patter / presentation):
    • open the deck of cards
    • remove deck, casually showing the box empty, close box, set on table
    • have them pick the card
    • tell them that you will make the card jump to the box
    • after a little 'magic', spread the deck to show it is gone
    • tell them it jumped to the box
    • they open it to find nothing
    • tell them it jumped to the box, show the code.

    I dont use it all the time, mostly impromptu. Its just a "different" reveal. Because of the other elements that I add, the reactions are decent.

    I wouldn't necessarily buy a deck just for this attribute alone.

    Any other questions, feel free to PM me.

    PS - I use the Guardians deck from T11 and it does not contain a reveal code.
  7. I wouldn't use it as a standalone trick, just as something on the side.

    Maybe incorporate it into a big routine of many revelations? I'm getting ideas as I type here...

    For example, you could force them the 3 of spades. With Rich Ferguson's Tagged you could have that card already on their arm. You could have a "prediction", sealed in an envelope with 3 of spades written on it. You could have a 3 of spades tattoo on yourself. You could psychologically force the 3 of spades on another spectator. You could have a duplicate in your wallet (or without a dupe, just use a Himber wallet). And finally, you could use the barcode reveal. (Yoi kinda get my drift...)

    Just a few thoughts.

    -Sam H
  8. I use it like this.... it's actually very effective.

    Force the necessary card, use my special patter, etc. I casually show the barcode around... the card revelation is never noticed prematurely. I pick up their selected card and use it to "scrape" the barcode in the box as though I'm etching the barcode numbers to change them. I then reveal the "changed" barcode for my finish.
  9. I get great reactions with the barcode reveal.
  10. its gotten me one of the best reactions. =] i used it as a revalation.

    i had a spectator choose the force card and hold their index finger over the barcode and told them to imagine their card, (patter patter, whatnot)
  11. nice, thanks for the all the replies, i might use some.
  12. after i force the card, i show them the barcode, and tell them its a normal code, in their minds it is because the code isnt exactly in your face. then i slowly run my finger along the numbers as if im changing them.
    bam. built up huge reaction.
  13. I use this trick with tricycle all the time I have my Gaff Decks. I will show tricycle and usually they will ask me to do it again, which is when I do the barcode reveal. I force the card and try to find it in the deck. After a few screw-ups I conclude that the deck is broken and ask the spectator to look at or write down the barcode. That is usually when they figure out that it is spelling their card. This trick gets great reactions every time I perform it.

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