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  1. Hy guys!
    It's almost the end of the summer.My classmates want me to perform for the new students of my High school.
    They said It has to be a 3-4 minute performance maybe 5.That's a really short time.I1m a street magician so I think a card trick would be good because I'm good at card tricks.I have 4 days until the performance.
    There will be (approximately) 180 students, and I will be on the stage.
    What do you think what kind of trick would be ideal?
  2. Make it jumbo cards, and do Invisible deck. You can play out the patter to be a few minutes long, and build up lots of anticipation on the reveal.

  3. I don't like this idea...
    Anyone else?
    I thought about the trick from the DVD "Icandy" or something like that.
    There is a routine with a card what looks like a phone.
  4. if you are doing a card effect on stage, (I'm not sure the resources you have but) could you possibly project the effect on some sort of screen so everyone can see it?
  5. I can't, here in Hungary schools haven't got these screens and this will be just a small 4 min. performance.
  6. Professors Nightmare, Cards Across (I prefer Las Vagas Leapers if I'm gonna do a Cards Across), Sponge Balls, and Cards to Pocket are all good tricks for stage performances. I'm assuming that you're doing this for more than 150 people. If you're only performing around 60 people in a small room you can sometimes get away with using standard cards and doing normal tricks like an ACR.

    If I were doing a show for 60ish people I'd probably do Everybody's Card or Everywhere and Nowhere. Everybody's Card is a trick where 4 or 5 people pick a card and they end up having all picked the same card. (Difficulty, 1=easy 5=knuckle buster: 3-4.) Everywhere and Nowhere is a classic parlor effect invented by the legendary Dr. Hofzinser. A performance can be found here. Difficulty is again 3-4.

    NOTE: I have recommended some difficult tricks here. Cards to Pocket, Everybody's Card and Everywhere and Nowhere are considered tests of a magicians skill as a performer. If you don't have the sleights required for these tricks down to the point where you can do them in while unconscious on the floor DO NOT try to do Everybody's Card, Cards to Pocket, or Everywhere and Nowhere. These tricks are classics and deserve the best.

    Note #2: Cards Across is also a classic, but the version I mentioned here can be performance ready in a few minutes.
  7. ok I wasn't sure if you could so I asked.... sorry :p
  8. Well, 4 days is too short to learn something new properly, so why don't you go through the tricks you know, and perform the one that will play best to a big audience? :s
  9. What do you think about Angle Zero?
    But what do you think, What is the best place for the corner of the card?I will be on stage without anything but a normal deck of cards.
  10. maybe I should take that corner to my shoe?
  11. I love Everywhere and Nowhere, but I find Michael Vincent's take on it pretty boring. Tommy Wonder's however, is excellent.
  12. During my senior year in high school I entered a talent show for senior males only and won by performing Wayne Houchin's French Kiss with staples on one of the cards. I was aided with the help of a projector and screen the school provided, but I think it's a very powerful effect. I performed the effect in front of 250+ students and faculty members.

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