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  1. I posted this an another magic card site too, I would just like some opinions on what you guys think.

    The Deck is called 'Brimstone' and it is a black deck with deep red and metallic gold ink.


    I have also designed a matching tuck-box to go with it.


    The king in the photo is a temporary place holder. I've had a request to use a blank card instead of the 'Falling 10 of Diamonds'... any other requests or ideas for the cards to make them better?
  2. You know, I'm not generally hyped on custom decks... But that's beautiful. Great work.
  3. Are these real??? Because i want them
  4. Those are amazing. Start a kickstarter page RIGHT NOW. I would buy em. This idea is way more developed than most ideas posted here. Love it. (I also like the wings on the rider and the name. So perfect!)
  5. I'm not too sure about having the completely black borders, I feel like it's too much black because the red is already fading into a black corner which then turns into black edges. Somehow, and I don't know how, you could make it seem less black around the outer parts of the card.

    Maybe it's just me?
  6. Those cards are pretty wicked... I'd probably use 'em.
  7. A little too dark themed for me, but cool design kinda even though it's basically just the same old standard bike design with a few variations. Lets just say I like the way you worked the colors and such it looks good.
  8. Very pretty RWKercheval, I think these would appeal to the collecters of custom decks.
  9. It DEFINITELY looks evil.
  10. I think you did a great job with your graphic design. I like the colors and the demon instead of the angel on the back. The only problem I see with getting this deck approved by USPCC is that your back design is too close to the Bicycle Riderback/Standard back design. I would assume they would want you to modify it even more because it borrows too much from what they currently have. If you compare the Madonlin Back cards with the Rider backs, you'll see how much they had to modify for it to get approved.
  11. thanks everyone for the kind words!

    I'm not sure wats going on with the comments, this is my third try responding.

    About the art on the back, I am still in the process of modifying it. When I am finished it will look similar.

    Someone mentioned something about kickstarter, YES i do have a kickstarter page! Am I allowed to post a link?

    Again thanks,
  12. I love the Ace design. But it looks too much like every Ellusionist deck
  13. They look great.
  14. The only problem I see that is going to be a major turnoff is the gilded edges because they suck for handling. You should definitely get on and get some feedback from them as they have one of the best card communities around. I already started a thread over there and they like it, but not the gilded edges. Either way I put my 5 bucks in.
  15. I updated my kickstarter page!

    UNCUT SHEETS are now available, only 20 remain!

    A special thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in the progress... ALL profits I make on this deck are going towards the next one. This is a fun and experimental project for me, I can't wait for the next deck!

    Keep the comments and emails coming
    - Russell
  16. Great Job!
  17. I dont believe I can post it on here. (can I mods?)

    Just search 'Brimstone' or 'playing card' or you could go to the games category, I'm on that front page.
  18. Wow! Looks like just four days ago you were at 30% funded and now it's more than half way funded! We receive several deck designs a week, and this is the very first I've heard of someone going all out and doing everything themself. Congratulations on getting this far already! Good luck on the rest of the Kickstarter campaign - hope it goes well and keep up what you're doing!

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    Just a quick update to those who are still interested in my little project...

    I give you, The King of Diamonds and The Gaffed Joker!


    Thanks for your input everyone!
    - Russell

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