Brown Split Spades

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  1. Does anyone know anything about these cards? I just received a brick of these in the mail, and I couldn't find any history on it. They are the same as the Blue Split Spades, however the box is brown.

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  2. I did not know they made these! To my knowledge they only made Black, Red, and Blue. Where did you pick them up from?
  3. Dang where did you get those?
  4. I have seen them before. DB made these for him self and as gifts, at the time he had no plans to begin to sell them. He also had some cool Split Spades gaff cards.
  5. These are more rare than the usual Split Spade Lions, but they're the same cards - just in a brown box (the cards inside are not brown).
  6. I believe the only time these were sold was inside the Anything Is Possible bottles that Jamie D. Grant made for David. They have never been sold as individual decks.

    As JB mentioned, it is only the box that is a special color. The cards inside are blue-backed Lions.
  7. From d&d's website (courtesy poster sanjhd):

    "Directly from what Doug Mckenzie told me, there are no such thing as Brown SplitSpades... HOWEVER, there were plans to make both Gold and Brown SplitSpades. These plans were carried out, by first printing the Gold and Brown boxes (around 1000 or so of each, I'd assume), and then, printing a few uncut sheets of gold and brown splitspades. Though, when the cards came out, they looked awful (the gold/brown splitspades), so now David Blaine's crew was left with 1000 gold/brown SplitSpades BOXES.

    So, instead of trashing the boxes, they simply put in blue/red decks into these Brown/Gold boxes. The boxes look pretty cool, and the cards put into these decks come in the MNEMONICA stack.

    So, basically, Brown/Gold boxes EXIST, but the brown/gold cards do not. They are simply just red/blue decks in the brown/gold boxes.

    If you really want to get one of these gold/brown boxes, you might want to contact Doug or David.

    Hopefully this clears everything up.

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    Also, they're in stock at davidblaine's site.
  8. Hi all,

    Thank you for your replies. I got them from David. It's a shame that the cards did not turn out the way they liked. I really do like the brown look of the box. The cards would have looked great in brown. I've never seen the gold boxes. As far as I know, only the blue decks were put into the brown boxes. The split spades are still my favorite custom cards to use, especially since I do use the Mnemonica stack.

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