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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. I think its a really cool idea, but I probably won't participate. I don't have a nice enough camera, and plus I'd have to come up with a move first. :p

  2. As interesting as your reply was Lex, and it was interesting and makes perfect sense...no, that wasn't the point at all.

    In fact, you kind of answered it yourself in your own post.

    Also...lots of people buy everyone's first video...if they didn't then there wouldn't be a call for a second therefore there would be no first.

    This was merely thrown out as I was surprised no one had noticed it also, it wasn't meant to get anyone frothing at the mouth. Whoever wins will no doubt get a very good start on the ladder. But of course, you are assuming that whoever wins has the know how to climb it once they're on it.

  3. While you make a very good point, and I totally see where you're coming from, you're making the assumption that you have to star in the video. That is not always the case. Take a look at Kaos, for example. Created by Sean Beard, but taught by Daniel Garcia. If the move is really that good, they'll make sure to get it out there in a way that will catch peoples attention and (hopefully) sell well. (Of course, their intention probably differs slightly from yours (businesses exist to make money, on top of whatever other effects they may have on the industry, after all), but that's not the point, heh) :)
  4. If your move is good enough for Dan and Dave then it is most likely good enough to be sold independently. But, lets say someone stumbled upon just one move, a colour change for example. It's a great change and it's the only thing they came up with that could be marketable, and they want to create a dvd.

    Well a dvd or download that only has one colour change that is sold through some not well known company probably won't sell well, unless it's the colour change to end all colour changes. And it only takes one bad DVD for someone to be completely forgotten about, or get a bad reputation.

    I believe it would make sense to market it with D&D since you'll get lots of exposure, more-so than an unknown site, and people will associate your magic and yourself on better terms. Even if you don't get the cash.

    That's how I look at it.
  5. In particular, when they think of you and your magic/flourishing, they'll think of the Bucks, and thus greatness. That's definitely a good association to create. It's kind of how some companies use celebrities to create the association of "popular" or "awesome" (or whatever) with their product that they're trying to sell.

    In that respect, I totally agree, this is a great opportunity to set the groundwork for the future (or even if it's your only release, to give yourself a name in the magic/flourishing community). :)
  6. I'm not quite sure I completely agree with this type of thing. What makes any magician worthy of being able to thumb through tutorials on many/MANY effects that have great potential and are all new ideas? How much are they going to learn from this contest because it's likely to be much more than we learn from the DVD? Who gets to watch these and what happens 5 years down the road when an effect is released as a forgotten byproduct of your "losing" entry?

    They might as well give this away for free if they want free tricks in return. The undeserved knowledge people gain on this far outweighs the satisfaction of one person winning. And when I say undeserved I mean that NO magician should push for tons of never before seen magic given to them for free.

    How much would you be willing to give for one of your best tricks? Some may say $1,000.00. Maybe even more. Well 100 good entries is basically $100,000.00 worth of ideas.

    I'm not in favor of this one.
  7. In the original post they say that you should keep your entries to yourself...so no one will see them.
  8. How would they know the winner if that's the case?
  9. you send in your entry to them. And then they decide and probably contact you if it was or was not accepted.
  10. Logic is best served on an unbroken dish my friend.
  11. i am soooooooooooooooooooo gonna enter this!
  12. JB,

    May I suggest to provide us with more time? Perhaps an extra week?
    It all seems a little rushed for one week.
  13. So in our video that we sumit, we're suppose to send a video of what it looks like, AND teach it??? Or do we just show a video of what it looks like?
  14. hope this helps ^^
  15. When I was talking to him about it he said it was apart of the challenge. I would love an extra week since I'm going away for 2 days tomorrow myself, but you have to play the cards life deals you I guess. Pun intended by the way.

  16. Oh my lord. Literal intended.
  17. hmmm
    Did you actually make a request to extend the deadline? Lets just see what other people think. Perhaps if we get enough people, JB might actually extend the deadline... or maybe not lol
  18. Well if the contest get's extended then so does andthensome. Remember what Dan and Dave posted. They are going to there lecture and selling a special edition of the trilogy then the contest will be finished and they will add the video and start shipping.
  19. I think that T11 should make special music for this contest. Because we have trobles with music :)
  20. I'm telling you, you can just go onto itunes and get a couple tracks of royalty free music. Cheap, decent quality, and no legal issues.

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