Can you tell me the name of this trick?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magic rocks, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. i don really know how the trick is but the effect is u can create a flash out of nowhere an it has a gimmick... i know its not a lot but it would be great if u guys could give some suggestions.... thx:D
  2. do you meen like 'sparks' out of your hands?.... i have only ever seen this on a tv show called 'how i met your mother' bt never actually seen it :)
  3. Thats just flash paper. It can be bought on almost any magic supplies website.
  4. i didn't think it was flash paper because it looks more like sparks and he can show his palms of his hands... however when you make flame balls apear you can't (well with the one i have seen you cant :)
  5. Yeah it's not flash paper. Showing his hands empty is most likely editing of the film and I imagine that it's not a magic trick, more like small pyrotechnics that a special effects guy put together for that episode.
  6. Ya, that looks like a flash-cannon/gun. If you're good with your hands and making things I believe James Clark has a DIY DVD about making one on his website (it comes with how to make a flash-sharpie).
  7. My mistake, I didn't see the video when i posted. Definately not flash paper.
  8. thx for the suggestions but its not wat m looking for....the flash m talking ab8 is like a camera flash not anything related to fire
  9. I suspect Neil Patrick Harris is using The Igniter by Jim Pace which does allow you to show your hands empty immediately after producing the sparks.
  10. I rather think it's edited (cut), that's why he can shows his palm empty. Maybe it's not a trick you can buy but an effect made by the "fx team" of the show.
  11. are you talking about a FISM flash?
  12. yes its a fism flash but:D thxxxx but do u know where i can buy one?? i saw on youtube but his gimmick is too big.. ive seen smaller ones... does any1 know where i can buy one??
  13. That is not a Cornelius Fism Flash. Fism flash is basically a camera flash circuit that is triggered by a foot pedal. What is being seen in the clip is a pyrotechnic device that uses flash cotton, sparkle additive and maybe a small bit of flash paper. The device that is being used is probably a Hand flasher gimmick. Or a variation of one:

    In essence it is is a tube, battery and glow plug. With that said however all fire magic can be dangerous. Use it under your own discretion.

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