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  1. I’m tired of always using the same controls and forces, because I feel that eventually lay people will pick up on what I’m doing. Does anyone have any better controls, forces or anything? I mainly use the riddle force, overhand shuffle control and simple moves like that. I’m more than happy to put in work for any harder moves you know
  2. -Pass
    -Double Undercut
    -Top Change
    -Depth Illusion / Tilt
    -Convincing Control

    All fairly basic moves. Some will require a ton of practice to make look seemless however they are a good arsenal of moves to have in your pocket. Most if the moves above can be modified to control cards to the bottom as well.
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  3. Thanks very much. Was having a complete mind block trying to think of controls, so i appreciate the help.
  4. The riddle force? Is that a typo - do you mean the riffle force?

    The Hindu Force (requires the Hindu Shuffle) is definitely worth adding to your repertoire.
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  5. In what world is a pass a fairly basic move?

    I do agree that learning a tilt is a good idea, but I would add that sometimes all it takes is to add a convincer, subtlety, or even a psychological aspect to a move/control. Aim to create offbeat moments for your dirty work and it will fly right by. I learned this by watching Tommy Wonder's amazing ACR.

    Example: I sometimes actually put the card in the middle of the deck from the back part as if doing a tilt, but not actually doing it. I wait a bit. Then I take it out and show the card to them and joke around saying "no really, this is your card, and it is in the middle!"

    The second time I put it back in the middle, I am already doing the tilt/depth illusion move. This works because I have all the time in the world to "get ready" for the move since they relax for a second, plus they are conditioned to think that the second time must have also been clean even though I actually took the card out and didn't show them how I inserted it the second time.
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  6. Yeah the riddle force was a typo. I posted the question on my phone so id say that it was autocorrect. The hindu force is a good idea. one more to practice. thx
  7. Thats a really nice idea. I like the psychological work that adds. I'm gonna try add moments like that into my own routines.
  8. The pass is a basic move. I never said it was easy or simple. But it is a basic control. You will still need to work hard on it to get it to look smooth.
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  9. I really like the Herman Pass more tbh as a control and a color change. I agree with the hindu force being one to add to your repertoire. I occasionally like to riffle down and do a single packet false cut and tell them to look at the card on top. I do not like to do the same control more than twice in a performance so I try different passes like the classic pass, spread pass, cover pass and occasionally the turn over pass. If not a pass I will do the convincing control or single card cull to the bottom

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