1. The Budding Artist

    Card To Mouth

    Hello! I am working on a card to mouth routine;however, I having problems. Essentially, when I put the card in my mouth it comes out soggy and quite gross. Is there a way to avoid this? I’ve seen other magicians do it, I just don’t know how. Thanks!
  2. T

    How good should a card magican be after 3 monthes

    What sleights and tricks should a magicain that has been doing magic for 3 monthes be able to do?
  3. P

    New ish to magic, technique advice please

    Hi guys, Its my first time posting here. I’m getting back into magic after a 5 year break. I’ve just noticed on my push off double I seem to be crimping the bottom card slightly, is this a mistake in my technique, a bad positioning on my mechanics grip, or is it to be expected with the way my...
  4. A

    Can you give me your thoughts on this Card Control I created?

    Here is the video: I just want to know your thoughts on this card control that I think I created.
  5. Ryker_47

    Card Controls

    I’m tired of always using the same controls and forces, because I feel that eventually lay people will pick up on what I’m doing. Does anyone have any better controls, forces or anything? I mainly use the riddle force, overhand shuffle control and simple moves like that. I’m more than happy to...
  6. CardMagicNJ

    Card Handling Advice Please

    Hey guys what's up I'm assuming this is probably happened to most of you. A lot of times I notice that my hands and fingertips are so smooth that the cards just slip right through them and I have no sort of grip on any of the cards and I'm not talking about brand new cards just certain times...
  7. B

    Beginner in Card Magic

    Greetings, I am new to card magic. Ever since I was little I've always loved sleight of hand magicians especially those work with cards. I've read through several forums recently about getting started with card magic and a lot of it has been helpful. I recently picked up the traditional...
  8. T

    Will learning some cardistry help me improve my my sleight of hand with magic tricks?

    I just learned my first cardistry today, and I really like it. And I was wondering: will learning cardistry help me improve at sleight of hand with other magic tricks, like card magic or coin magic? I mean, will it increase my general dexterity, hand flexibility and muscle memory, which could...
  9. oscar.abraham

    Versa Switch

    I think this move is one the greatest switches ever! This move can replace the Braue Add-on, ATFUS, and all the variations of those popular-old-school moves. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with old-school switches, but I'm the type of magician that likes to vary the moves to take...
  10. Keo_M

    Oh Snap Card Control

    IDK, just felt like showing off a little. Been working on the snap deal as taught by Lennart Green for about a year, would love some advice for those who use it or know about it. Thanks in advanced!
  11. Nerv

    Hired as a magician( but don't know a lot of tricks)

    Hello, i was invited to my friend's birthday party, which is going to be around next week. He hired me to do some magic tricks for $15/ 1 hour. Although i loved the idea, i only know a couple of good tricks. I learned the double lift, bottom deal, and some sleights. I would like to know which...
  12. L

    Where to start?

    i want to learn mentalism, but I realize it's difficult and takes time. My ultimate goal is to be able to do slight of hand and work tricks using people. I must start somewhere, So where do I start and which way path should I go towards? Thank you Ps. I will be running through the thread for...
  13. J

    Sleight of hand for begginers

    Check out my magic blog. Great for beginners I have been into magic for a long time and have decided to start this blog. Not giving too much away but ideal for anyone starting out to learn where to begin.
  14. F

    What's your opinion on Daniel Madison?

    Hi all, this is my very first post on theory 11 Forum, I would like to know what's your opinion on written books by Daniel Madison. Hi effect are very attractive and some of sleight are amazing. I have some books to complete my study on card magic, I'm not new to magic, I started with Card...
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