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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by SimplyMagic14, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. I've been working on card manipulation for some time now. I have all three of Dan Sparry's 1-on-1's. I knew how to do somethings before getting the down loads but Dan talked about "fanning powder" and I am unable to find some.

    So, with that said can anyone help with finding some? Or if anyone has any other ideas that would help I would appreciate it. I am trying to get ready for my first show and want my cards to fan better and also glide better when going from fan to back palm...

    Thanks to everyone for whatever help you can give.
  2. most if not all magic shops should have it, or at least sell it.
  3. Message Dan Sperry directly on T11, he's pretty good about responding, though it would probably help to send him an email too.

    Like everyone said though, most magic stores/suppliers will have some form of fanning powder available.
  4. im all for contacting people, but, whats the point? hes not going to somehow know where in the OP's city to find fanning powder, its just a waste of everyones time.

    you can buy it from suppliers online, you can buy it from magic stores that exist in the real world; and honestly i dont think its useful, i must be using it wrong because it doesnt seem to do anything but make my cards stick.

  5. yeah yyou're using it wrong...if it wasn't useful every pro i know wouldn't be using it either, maybe you got a bad batch. just go to like or one of those similar dealers to order some fanning powder. abbott's carries it too i believe. you can also try waxing the cards with manipulation wax, stevens magic used to carry it, it comes from the japanese company UGM
  6. Thanks to all with info. The only magic store in my area never has any. I'll just have to order it and wait I guess.

    Thanks again

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