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  1. hello all, I've been working exclusively with standard bikes for twenty some years. I use them because they are readily available, extremely affordable, and absolutely recognizable. My question is two fold.....

    1) are the more expensive decks of noticeably higher quality?

    2) does the spectator scrutinize the unfamiliarity of the deck?

    Many thanks for taking the time

  2. Maybe(Depends on how much more expensive) and Maybe(Depends on the spectator)
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  3. What cards do you use most often?
  4. For the sake of uniformity I use Blue Bicycles, I have to use one duplicate red bicycle card in Chicago Opener, but other than that all my tricks are performed with Blue Bicycle on my Youtube Channel. On my Vimeo channel I don't follow such a strict practice ,I have videos showing me using bicycles, bees,even the blue rounders and yes when you compare a one hundred dollar deck to a two dollar deck there is a difference in quality that you can feel. When I practice on my tablework in the morning I use Bee's because they are good for False Deals and such sleights as the classic pass that I love to practice. So throughout most of the day you will see me with a deck of Bees No. 92 Blue Backs. Hope this helps
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  5. On my youtube channel there are two other exceptions to the uniformity rule; the gaff video that I show most of my gaff or gimmick cards with different backs, and my very first Up the Ladder Cut Video in which I do use bees. ;)
  6. It all depends on what you want to do. If you're into cardistry, I always go borderless and an air cushion finish. This allows the flourishes to work seamlessly together in shameless splendor. Like liquid paper. (*cough* ) In fact, I never understood why people use cards with borders for flourishing.

    If you want to do magic or slight of hand, I'd go with borders. This is why a lot of people go with Bikes for the exact reason you gave. Recognisable. But let's say you're bored with Bikes (like me). I'd go with a simple design. The more simple the design, the more ordinary it looks, I think.

    Instead of going with "FANTASTIC MAGICAL FINISH!!!" go with something familiar like air cushion or cambric. They don't usually "scrutinize" because they see different decks all the time at the store and Bicycle actually has a lot of versions (like ghost, Coke, and even breast cancer awareness).

    So, in truth, the deck should cost around $1o (or you're getting ripped off), go with a familiar finish, and change the design a little but not too complex. You want your magic to grab the attention. Also, if a deck is well known (like D&D, Virtuoso, Monarchs) they are for a reason. I recommend those first.
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  7. Tally-Ho (Circle or Fan Back) are my weapons of choice, no matter if it's cardistry or card tricks. For around $3,5 they're also reasonably priced.


    Reason: good marketing.
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  8. Tally Ho master race unite.
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  9. I'm like you, I prefer to just stick with the Red Bikes because they are the most recognizable by a spectator. Also, most of my gimmicks are centered around Red Bikes so it helps lower the heat on the deck being abnormal.

    However, I have performed with more intricate cards that are little bit steeper in price. They feel about the same sort of with the higher priced decks feeling a little bit better in quality (could also be a placebo effect). I always give a purpose as to why I have an unusual looking deck though. For example, I have Shadowmasters from Ellusionist and I have the standard deck version, the invisible deck version, and the rising card version. I will say that I got this odd looking deck from a Santa Ria practitioner in a central American country because it was cursed and then I make it look like the Joker (which looks like the grim reaper) is making all these weird things happen with the deck. Another example is I have the Love Me deck from Theory11 and I use that for my romance bit such as Wayne Houchin's French Kiss. It's perfect!

    Hope this helps!
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  10. I personally use red bikes for magic for quite a few reasons. First, as you said they are cheap, common, and recognizable. A positive point to using these is also you don't care for ripping/gaffing them. I do own other decks but I only use them for cardistry in all honesty.
  11. My non-biased opinion:

    I notice a step up in quality going from Bikes/Tallys to the slightly more expensive decks. I feel that they last a bit longer than the Bikes and Tallys, but that could come down to how clean you keep your hands, how often you let spectators touch cards, etc. For me, the slightly higher-priced cards last longer for me and just feel smoother than the traditional cards in question. It also comes down to aesthetics and appeal for the deck you use. Does a Citizens box look classier than a Bicycle or Tally Ho box? Absolutely. Does it give you a good first impression? Most likely. Does the back design look better than a Bicycle or Tally? That's personal preference, but to me it does. I prefer using the theory11 decks because they look and feel better to me.

    The age old question that people spend so much unnecessary time thinking about is if the theory11 decks or different design decks are more suspicious than Bicycles. To be honest, there are some people that have never even seen a deck of Bicycles, simply because they might not have played cards before. I see some friends of mine use crappy plastic dollar-store-design playing cards for playing card games on road trips, etc. The truth is that a deck of cards is a deck of cards, and no one will really care about the design as long as you don't make a big deal out of it. As long as you don't say "here I have an ordinary pack of cards", no one's attention is drawn to them. Focus on the magic, and not the deck you are using. If you don't pay attention to it, it is likely they won't either.
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  12. As long as you don't use a black deck or a deck with a really strange face design then you shouldn't worry about people questioning the deck
  13. I mostly use bicycle or tally ho just because when i perform, people tend to destroy the deck.
    I don't know how or why, but if they just have to take a card for example, they bend it and crush it in such a way that couldn't even been described in "Marlo's Crimp Conjuring".
    For the second question: think about those who doesn't like in the US: any deck is strange and unfamiliar.
    Plus, i don't understand why people would get suspicious if they see a non-standard deck.
    I mean, you're there to perform magic, not feeding a diffident fawn trying not to scare him.
    So, i would never worry about a thing: i'm the performer, i choose my own equipment. You'll never tell a pianist to play with a different piano cause you're not used to that!

    The first question: higher price doesn't mean higher quality. Design and aesthetic has a cost as well.
    To be fair, i was satisfied with some non-standard decks (and not to look biased, but most had been from T11).
    I made a post on that (that hasn't been considered very much) in response to another user's thread discussing about the lack of efforts of some brands (Fontaine.. cough..cough..) which launch cards with high prices without any change in quality (Bee/Aristocrat stock, at least?) nor in design.
    I still don't have knowledge to make a constructive criticism on the subject, so all about this last part could be considered as a personal opinion, that can be reviewed at any moment with further data.
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  14. In my experience, if you bring a deck out that isn't Bee, Tally or Bikes, then you will have to let them inspect it. They will automatically recognize that the deck might be gimmicked some way. But once you establish that they do get a little better quality as the price goes up. Like monarchs are my main cards of practice right now, and the un-boarded cards of choice are D&D vintage plaid. But unless you are into card collecting don't get a deck above 10-15$. Nothing changes in stock that is big enough to make a difference, just the look. When I go out on the streets I like to use bikes because cards get destroyed pretty quickly when you are doing walk around.
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  15. Agreed


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