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  1. I've been looking for a playing card that has a Bicycle Red Back, but one where I could put my business card on the face. Everywhere I've seen online, I've seen cards with normal faces but your logo / design printed on the back side.

    (so, instead of having ei; a Queen of Spades, I would want my logo)

    Also, card stock is important. I know the dollar tree has playing cards that are destroyed if you slightly bend them once, so they wouldn't work. It would have to be a very similar card stock to a Bicycle card.

    So far, I can only find custom backs and not faces. Anyone know anyone? I'm looking for something established, else I could try to hassle local printers. Figured I would check here first.


  2. I would try they do custom print cards, but I don't know how good are their stock. On the other hand, you can try doing it thru USPC.
  3. try doing it yourself. thats what i do
  4. Keep an eye on - Chris has got the PERFECT product for you releasing VERY soon.

  5. I suggest you get a Laser Printer that can print with White Ink. Use Acetone to remove the face value print with white then print your info.

    Or just skip the white and acetone and get a blank face deck and print onto it.

  6. Thank you for that page. It looks like you can order the blank stock and have a printer just goto work on it. I'll have to talk with some printers and see what they can do.
  7. Ah, didn't realized he'd added the product already!! He's got some perforated ones on the way too ;)

    But yeah, it's the same card that the USPCC uses, so you won't have a problem blending it in with your decks.

    Comes in printer ready sheets, so you can do as you please with your own laser/ink-jet at home!

  8. I wouldn't suggest acetone.... Just because it's very difficult to get just right amount of it to just erase the face value.

    I didn't know the playing card stock was being available... I might pick some up later. THanks for the info, D.C.
  9. why acetone?

    Just go and load up on blank faces... rumor is uspcc is done printing gaffed cards but they are around if you know where to look..

    Of course murphys magici ehich is wholesaler has bought out the rest of the stock... You can get blue or red backs with blank faces, you can get double blanks, or blank backs with faces printed.

    then also double backers and double facers..

    Checkout your magic shops or on eBay, I know there are some ppl who picke dup some of the stocka nd are selling them for $5usd a deck..

    Thats a FAIR price but some place smgoht charge you $7-$10usd..

  10. Dee, can you give us a link?


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