Card to mouth variations

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  1. Was wondering where you learned this trick. It is something I have in the routine I am working with but the handling I do isn't great. (I learned it from just watching a YouTube video of someone do it poorly)
    I know T11 sells a video but was wondering who you suggest outside of that. I just want what I do to look better and what I have come to learn, YouTube isn't always your best bet!
  2. I have no clue where I learned it. I think I learned a mercury fold, and then figured out where I could hide stuff with it lol.

    However, I think Michael Ammar has a DVD (which Andrew linked above I see)

    I think Expert Card Technique teaches the Mercury Fold, so you may wanna look into that.
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  3. Dan and Dave - Trilogy.
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  6. This just reminded of an old performance I saw right about the time I got into magic. This was the first time I saw a card to mouth variation. Here's the clip:
    The actual trick doesn't start until about 3:40, but I recommend watching the entire 7 minutes if you have the time.
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  7. Really brought a smile to my face the whole way through :)
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies. I'll check these things out for sure!

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