Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2008

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  1. will there ever be a magic contest, like who can do the best ACR, or best reaction, or best 2CM etc.. ??
  2. yes, it matters.
  3. This time i'll Wynn...

    Sorry Guys...
  4. Our point exactly.
    If that matters, then so does "how you move the cards."

    Calvin Lauber
  5. Yeah I know theres four. I meant for the contest. You can have 2 or 3. If three then Kev, Huron and Daren.

  6. Cai might feel left out...
  7. wait what happened to Elijah? and man i wish i had a camera and no one i know has a camera. :(
  8. Anyone interested in being on my team? (i've improved A LOT since the 2 videos I posted here. They are OLD videos.) Please PM me and we'll talk. Thanx!
  9. ihave a question
    ihave a team of 3 pepole
    but i am not one of them
    i am going to be ther editor iget something to?
    or just the team in the video?0o

    (im sorry that my english is rubbish ^^)
  10. Very rubbish indeed
  11. I don't think you get anything for being the editor and not one of the flourishers. Then If you guys win there will be a editor trophy?
  12. i am reading all the questions and answers and i have one too.....this video does not need to be a one shot video.....???? i guess.


  13. Watch the entire Virtuso video, again...
  14. Kevin's in the US... Daren, Huron and Cai is in Singapore...
  15. ok i did and nothing who is cai?
  16. Elijah Cai. That's his full name.

    -Kev, The Virts
  17. Hey, if someone wants to be on a team with me, I got some orisinal* [sic] flourishes that are pretty good.

    *Orisinal [sic] as in "A mish-mash of a couple different flourishes"

    PM me if you're interested.
  18. Doesn't seem like the Virts will be making a video...

    Daren, Andrei and Philip... Sounds like quite a team.
  19. Phillip, Andrei and Daren?

    Its over. Theyve already carved their names on the plaques.

    Why is it that theres always someone who ruins a fair contest for everyone. :p

    I cannot WAIT to see that video, im drooling already, and so is Sean, its saliva fest 2008 here. :D
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    None of The Virts will be part of this competition as the videos our members make are exclusive to Virtuoso with almost no exception; so a Daren, Philip, Andrei team isn't going to happen.

    Daren is, however, their video editor, and is thus mentioned as being part of the team.

    We submitted "Style" for the previous competition as it coincided with a video we were in the progress of making and decided to edit it to Dana Hocking's music to kill two birds with one stone.

    I doubt you'll see us join anymore competitions.

    So have fun guys and all the best!

    -Huron Low, The Virts

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