Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2008

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  1. I think Philip put my name in the group just for kicks. Even though I'm not gonna be doing any moves, I'll be editing their video. Maybe T11 can make an exception and give me a chunk of metal too. If shipping doesn't cost too much. :p

    -Daren, The Virts
  2. LOL that was just Philip messing around. I won't be competing in the collab contest (I'd love to but) time will tell why.

    I probably will be doing a collab with Philip in the near future just for kicks though. :p

    Good luck to you all!
  3. So your not really in a team. I guess then Adam and steve will win.
  4. Then again, Jaspas is assembling a team. This competition could either end up being Adam and Steve vs. Jaspas and blah blah blah

    Or it could actually be a fair competition... Naaaaah.
  5. YES!!!! looks like we're gonna see a Pootnia part 3!!!
  6. Why do we have to use their music, we always have to.
    And I know your all going to say "Well your allowed to make your own music", but why can't we pick our own music. It would make the video's way better.
    And then they could just put a time limit.

    What happen to the decknique Collaboration Contest.

  7. Theory11 happened ;)
  8. You don't have to use their music.

    You can use any music you made yourself...or music that is royalty-free.

    Re-Read the contest description HERE.

  9. Hey! Guys. I've downloaded music from CCC2008. It's cool. Realy cool. But I don't lik a part from 43 sec till 52 sec. Could you remake it PLZ. :) It's realy cool music for cardistry vids.
  10. video size for the cardistry contest

    can the video size be more than 25 MB???

  11. No. It's rule for all :)
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    Can i submit a link to my video in youtube or vimeo since my video is more than 25 mb?

    But this would be conflicting with the rule:

    But then it would be not logical to have a 2 minute video which is under 25mb with all the editing right?

    So, can i still submit my video(abt 45mb) and i have 3 members in my team?
  13. Hey Zhongyan,

    Keep in mind, your video doesn't have to be any bigger than 480x360, because that's the maximum resolution our player shows.

    But give it a shot, it might just work.
  14. Hello, I'm new here but I'm good at XCM so if anyone still needs a person just PM me.
  15. hey dude I PMed you.:)
  16. Hey I just wanted to say, good luck everyone!
  17. Just wanted to say that today is the say the videos will be shown. Tonight at 11 est.
  18. looking forward to seeing all the vids tonight.....good luck everybody.
  19. I can´t wait to see the vids! :) Good luck everyone!
  20. I really don't want to see mine....


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