Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2008

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  1. Just a quick note that winners will be posted tonight at 11:00pm EST in this forum. Our crew and panel of judges has been browsing the videos all weekend, making notes and comments on each.
  2. I wish i win.

    Wait, i was too lazy to enter.
  3. Well good luck to everyone who entered a video into the contest there were some really great videos that clearly had alot of effort put into them.
  4. we are officially minutes away from the announcement of the CCC 2008 winners.
  5. Without further ado... it was difficult for us to judge each of these videos. Our panel spent several hours this weekend going through each video individually, making notes as we went through. Overall, we were blown away by the quality and quantity of submissions, and we will continue to do more contests like it in the coming weeks, months, and years.

    The judges' choices were unanimous. The top three winners are listed below, from third place to first. Some of our judges' notes on each are included as well:

    THIRD PLACE :: 48dumplings by Adam & Steve

    Dave Buck: I loved this video, but then I started to really hate it. Why? I felt like it was lengthy. You guys have mad skills, no doubt. However, I believe videos like these, since they don't create emotion like film, should at least leave you wishing for more. You guys did a great job, but you handed us the full experience, 100%, which became boring and wonderless. There are some really amazing, one of a kind, moments in this video, in fact, pieces of this video were so good, that I guarantee if it were recut to under two minutes, it would be first place with a rating way above any other. It's like David Williamson always says, "only give them 40%", and I doubt he's just talking about magic.

    RichardZ: I loved the feel to the video at the beginning. Some very great moves in here too, and loved that they made it into downtown New York. A lot of great moves in the beginning, and I liked how they got other people out on the streets to come talk to them as well. What really set this video apart was the great collaboration moves they had together. Of course not everybody was lucky enough to have an opportunity to do this, so I'm glad they took advantage of this. However, like Dave said, I think the video went way too long, unfortunately and could have stopped way earlier, making it an even better video.

    daniel+Madison: A lot of creativity and fun with a lot of personality, it was very entertaining. Very nice work.

    SECOND PLACE :: Battle - Bowen vs. Jaspas

    Dave Buck: This video showed good use of a solid concept, which by-the-way, if far more entertaining then just a montage, which I'm sure we can all agree too. The subway provided a style and appeal that enhanced the quality of the video but not so much to distract the important aspect of the flourish "Battle". I also enjoyed the crescendo of music, rhythm, and complexity of each flourish as the video neared the end. Good work.

    RichardZ: Another great build up to this video, and got to love Jaspas in a cowboy hat. However like in 48 Dumplings, I think they built up a story (with great build up fitted to the music) that didn't really ever happen. That is, I didn't get much of a sense of a battle once they discovered each other, which was too bad. Still some great moves, and I love the moment where Jaspas flicked the angel and the girl freaked. Also I was hoping they would've noticed the guy in the middle of the shot just staring towards the camera. It was a bit freaky. Overall great job, and obviously they entertained whoever was on the train. Great work.

    daniel+Madison: An energizing and upbeat display of skill and style. I loved the moves, the interactivity, and the choice of location (subway).

    :: F501

    Dave Buck: Great video! I know you guys planned this out, and it shows. Great use of the location, awesome compositions, kick ass material, and well produced. You guys rock. Keep up the awesome work.

    daniel+Madison: Amazing, charismatic and cool, perfect cinematography and editing with flawlessly articulated flourishing… Great teamwork; a very entertaining show.

    RichardZ: This video had it all. Some form of story, snazzy clothes, great camera work, a Fiat, great setting, unique moves to boot too. Was a great video in general. The one thing I was hoping to see more of was people together. At one point you saw somebody sitting in a car while another person was doing their cardistry, but aside from that I think they could have made their great video even better if they had people doing their moves at the same time. I was also expecting they were going to do more with their story with such the great set-up. I also wasn't sure what F 501 meant... I'm guessing it was a F 500 but then... why the 1, when there were 3 of them? Is this a sequel to another video they made?


    Congratulations to everyone that submitted a video - great work all around. To all of you that won, prizes will be sent out midweek : custom engineered steel plaques created by Jamie Schoolcraft especially for this contest. Once again, amazing work, and congratulations to our winners.
  6. Congratulations Everyone!!!! I knew it was going to be those three. Congrats.
  7. thanks bayme to letting us know on time=)

    F501 pwned for sure.
    Bowen and Jaspas are just great togheter.
    48 dumblings was my favorite and it still is:p
  8. COngratulations to all. It seems Daniel Madison loves everyone.:p
  9. thanks to theory11 for putting on this contest and helping bring some cool videos out.
  10. Nice job guys, well done. Be sure to post up pics when they arrive!
  11. Guys,

    Fantastic & Well done.

    Well deserved,

    Had some amazing entries this year :)

    Well done!
  12. I think the same way like dave, about the adam's vid, it was too long, maybe if it was shorter it'd much better

    f501 my favorite :p
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    Congrats to everyone..
  14. Congratulations to everyone that participated and thank you for sharing with us these awesome videos.


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