Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2008

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by richard, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Its time!!!
  2. yeah when are they supposed to be up?
  3. Wow still not up.....
  4. Richard? jon? JB? What going on here? My computer is getting hot.
  5. Sorry for the late reply guys. I JUST landed in Hawaii. I think the videos will be released tomorrow instead, will also give us some time to look them over :)

    I've also closed the submission form for CCC 2008 submissions.

    We got entries from 16 teams, totaling 37 participants, way more than the first UDCC.

    Aloha, and see you soon :)
  6. Thank YOU Richard for letting us know that. I don't have to wait.
  7. only 16 teams sent in their vids?....wel i hope you got ours.
  8. Eh, I missed this, it's what I get for not being active over here. Good luck to everybody.
  9. What time will they be posted?
  10. Thats excactly what I thought.
  11. OK we actually got around 18 videos.

    The list of teams we received videos from is:
    Teriyaki Boyz
    point blank
    oLoS JPD
    X-treme Dutch
    7 Deadly Sin
    The Mob

    I expected for there to be less submissions than registered teams, I just didn't know by how much. It is dead simple to register a team, but takes dedication and perseverance to get organized with 1 or 2 other people and make a full on video that's worthy for a contest.

    So congratulations to everybody who made a submission! I hope you found it rewarding and a great experience already to work off each other and maybe develop new friendships.

    And if that wasn't enough, I hope the top 3 teams will enjoy their award plaques :)
  12. So Rich, when will the vids be posted?

    I haven't even seen the video for my team yet :(
  13. later today.
  14. I've rly enjoyed the whole procedure of making our video. Since Vince and myself planed to do a collabo, this contest thing came at the right moment.
    Both, Vince and Gob, are cool with the editing so I'm satisfied. We had all the same ideas on how it should look like. As Vince came up with the name we said directly - thats it!
    They agreed quickly with the instrumental my cousin made. I liked the ideas on the I hope there will be a "Strongarm Robbery *Reloaded" 'cause I got enough remaining footage :)

    Looking forward to see some great videos.

    I guess that's also my first post here - so öhhm..high :D
  15. Well, 24 hours later. Still nothing.
  16. Yeah, I'm curious where the videos are....
  17. Everyone!!!! Look at the media section!!!!!! AJJHJGJGJHF!!!
  18. All CCC2008 videos have officially been posted... check 'em out. Winners to be announced soon after all videos have been reviewed and judged by our panel.
  19. very nice videos. id like to see fab foursome and pootnia though...

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