Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2009 - Starts Now

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  1. Texas flourishers

    This looks awesome. Searching for any and all flourishers in and around Austin, TX. All skill levels appreciated.
  2. where to post the video??

    hey where do i post my contest video they said post in the media catergory but there isnt any catergory for the contest
  3. Yep, but how do you get the logo? Is it not availiabe this year?
  4. Why would you get the logo if you don't need it though? :)

    Regardless, I have no idea where it is. :p

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    Quick question! Are we allowed to manipulate/edit the two music tracks? Such as change pitch, speed, add reverb, and etc so that it may fit the video better?

    Could we cut the tracks and mix them around a bit?


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    If any of you have any idea who I am, I'm up for being on whoever's team.
  7. even if you were one of the buck brothers i wouldn't pick you with that level of arrogance. :)
  8. Victorious Secret... ENGAGE!!!!

    Shooting complete.

  9. What are you talking about? We didn't even shoot anything yet. But I just broke my thumb after practicing my 17 packet display so I think we're gonna have to disband and wait for next year's CCC.

    So that means, less competition, less hard work and less worrying for those that didn't film yet.

    ... ;)
  10. wait what? you guys better be entering, there's only a few good teams this year.
  11. It was a joke, I'm quite sure.
    But I actually wouldn't doubt that you were practicing a 17 packet display.
  12. It was a joke I think. Hence the "-;)" And Bao would do like a 20 packet display involving fans, upside down, typing an essay, calling a friend, and doing the infinity sequence.
  13. You ain't seen nothing yet.

  14. Are you trying to scare them? :p
  15. is that Kate?
  16. Nooo it's mitchell's granny

  17. lol, are you even on their team?
  18. You granny resembles Kate...or does Kate resemble your Granny? Nvm, that answered my question of whether or not Mitchell is on your team.
  19. No, I'm not in mitchell's team anymore. I just said before that I broke my thumb while practicing the 17 packet display(no perching). The asian guy on that photo resembles a lot to me cuz he is my twin brother. Unfortunately he can only do charliers and a ugly werm so I hope that it won't happen again next year. *sigh* And kate was sick so mitchell thought that her grandmother looked like kate so he asked her to come to film the CCC video.



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