Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2009 - Starts Now

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Andrei, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. I understand....better luck next year. How did Kate get sick? And your brother is more sexay than you. JK How about my pictures that I VMed you? Our projects are in the works too ya know......;)
  2. Just showing that our projects are in works too....
    The Anaconda Dribble is on the main page... I have to get a better angle of it and get the dribble itself higher too...:D
  3. Very messy mate,

    The Dribble itself is nice, its just the catch which is very messy. The cards really should end up in a nice grip position, yours were everywhere.

    Work in your hand and finger placement before going for height man :).

    Best of luck
  4. Yah, I agree. It looks pretty, eh. Try to catch the cards as square as possible, and lower your catching hand as the cards fall. It looks better.

  5. True... I had a terrific camera man, but the angle on this dribble was a little off. I usually catch it a bit cleaner so I have to work on it and film it again tomarrow because its raining today.:D
  6. Very messy. I'd rather see a smaller cleaner anaconda dribble than a longer messy one.
  7. DarkBluth

    DarkBluth '09 is coming (shifty eyes and evil laughter)
  8. We're ready for it:D


    Shifty eyes FTW!

  9. Can't wait to see it, man! :D

  10. Are more than 3 members allowed?
  11. Of course not :p
  12. when is the category "cardistry collaboration contest" gonna get up in the media section?
    our video is ready and we have to submit it asap because in2 days we are leaving for our summer vacation :/

    Thanks in advance
  13. ya i want that answer too because we will be busying on things in our college later..>.<
  14. Guys,

    Just a note that our media submission page has been updated with CCC2009 as a category.

    Now's the time to start submitting your videos. Looking forward to seeing what you guys were able to put together!
  15. hi guys, how do i know that i've uploaded the video successfully as some weird stuff appeared right after i uploaded the video n my browser off..=.=

    my video's name is FUN_CCC_2009. please do help me to check, jon. thanks!! :)

  16. I have this problem where when I tried to upload our video to the media section but when the file was almost completely uploaded, it would stop and say that the file was rejected. I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong, can someone help me with this?

  17. maybe it's because you're just too good to take part on this contest man *true* :D
  18. Maybe that your file was too big? it has to be less than 50mb
  19. the file is 45MB :confused:
  20. maybe your connection got interrupted or something. how bout youtube? :D

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