Cards do NOT fan like "butter"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by richard, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. In that cards are starting to fan like fried butter...:D

    Shane K.
  2. Richard,

    I see your point but after reading how Jack The Magician breaks it down. It's hard to argue with the expression.

    Fans like butter could very well mean that it spreads smoothly as butter would.

    Jack the Magician. You turned me around.
  3. Chill out guys, I know the exact reason behind this.

    One day Brad Christian was walking around and he came upon an old homeless man. He saw that the man had a Black Tiger Deck so he ran up to him and said hi. The man looked at him and then whispered into his ear... "I know the secret that will make your cards the best in the world... follow me."

    So Brad Christian followed the man through a back alley into an old butter factory. They passed by abandoned machinery until they saw a golden vault. There was a brilliant sign across the door that said "MAGIC BUTTER." Brad Christian and the homeless guy walked into the vault, and saw thousands of sticks of butter.

    "Don't be fooled" said the homeless guy looking around, "It's not really butter, it's magic butter... go ahead, taste some."

    So Brad Christian did and exclaimed to the guy "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BUTTER!"

    Anyways, Brad Christian bought the old butter factory and turned it into a card making factory were he made lots of exclusive decks for his website. He would put the magic butter on all of the cards, and it would make them fan amazingly!

    Some say that the UV500 actually stands for UV500STICKSOFBUTTER, but no one really knows.

    For more information visit
  4. Would it be alright if I actually made a real article on it? I could get quotes from this topic. :):rolleyes:;)
  5. You butter not!

    Sorry guys I had to!
  6. Actually, the bag of nerves/jumpy implication is more direct, as some one who is a wreck of nerves will actually have the tendency to jump easily when startled.
  7. Ah hem, actually I was the first to point out the spread like butter to fan like butter link, thank you very much. :p

    Any who, I posted that original exposition of the phrase just for clarity, but I have not taken any of the rest of the thread to be serious. Well, outside of those few who are trying to antagonize after thinking others were seriously offended by the phrase. That was just hilarious.
  8. Hahahhahahahahahha... i just laughed for like 10 minutes lol.
  9. Hahahhaa... wow nice one!
  10. Fan like butter?

    No. This is not right.

    Butter can't fan and its very sticky not smooth.

    You should try putting the butter on your fan and then try to do it again.

    hahaha XD

  11. Tell that to Woody Harrelson.

    Rabid Out
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    Nice try, buddy. I was the seventh person and/or magician to post a response on this topic and/or thread. Between the first and the seventh response, I have yet to see a post and/or "original exposition" by and/or stated by you :D.

    You might want to check out my explanation to the phrase, which someone whom I shall not name (look above :D) has mistaken for his:

    I believe that the Merriam-Webster World Dictionary considers this the strict meaning and/or definition to the phrase :D.

  13. I say we should start saying "It fans like forever new"

    Because nothing fans better than a brand new deck of cards.

  14. Woops, my mistake. for some reason i though mine was like the third post. Sorry bout the confusion.
  15. Don't worry about it.

    The :D usually means I'm joking or being sarcastic. Anyway, we all have seen things with our eyes that aren't really there -- it's an illusion, a part of magic, of which I am a master :D. (Again, I'm joking -- I don't not want to hear comments about how much I $&@%!@#$%, I know I do. :D)

  16. Wait, that last smiley meant you were joking about the previous statement...
  17. I don't see wh ythis is such a big deal.. seriously..
  18. Here we go again, ;)
  19. haha that's hilarious. and i can't believe this is actually a serious topic on a forum. if you don't like it...don't use it. it's a simple simile that is not that annoying but whatever. haha
  20. this is such an entertaining topic!!!

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