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  1. Hey everyone

    does anyone know the brand of the cards that are used by Dave for the "everythingelse" section? they are red with a white border. i used the zoom on my dvd player and i think i made out the word "aladdin". are these widely available?

  2. Aladdins are produced my USPCC, but I believe they are mainly sold in Singapore. They come in different versions, 1001 and 1002. I believe there are also Air-cushioned ones available, not sure. The 1001's are regular poker sized cards with a plastic sort of coating. The are stiff and durable. The 1002's look like the 1001's, except they have gilded edges. Looks cool, but they suck.
    You can buy them online in different places, here's one: (Close to the bottom).

  3. oh really. they do look pretty cool. i guess if the Bucks use them they should be pretty descent. so which ones are generally better? 1001 or 1002? or are they pretty much the same minus the gilded edges?
  4. 1001's are definitely better than the 1002's .

    By the way, Dave got his 1001's from Kevin Ho, just a random anecdote none of us needs to hear at all.

    Anyway, there are also Air Cushioned 1001's, as Erik so kindly pointed out, but I don't like them at all, at least not compared to the plastic coated ones. They (Plastic Coated) are widely available in Asia, for example Singapore, but very hard to obtain in the US, if not from magic or specialist card stores.

    Stiff and durable indeed, very nice for cuts. Not SO nice for fanning, but then again, when you break them in and you get them going, they can be used for pretty much anything. Even wiping your..nevermind, we don't go into what I personally use my cards for.

    Well, enjoy them, they're great cards indeed.

  5. i just ordered 2 packs. i'll let you guys know what i think about them once i have broken them in.
  6. Yeah, the Aladdin 1001's used in the everythingelse section are the ones that I sent to Dave about a year back. Like Allan said, take note: they're the original non Air-Cushioned versions. The new Air-cushioned ones are a nice addition by the USPCC, but they just aren't as good as the normal ones in my book.

    And yes, they're hella hard to find outside of Singapore (and perhaps some other asian countries). That's why I brought six boxes of them along with me :D

  7. Alladins are cheap, But for quality don't get the gilded edges stock, they are nowhere near as good. As for 1001's quality is great but they are not the most durable cards in the world. And personally do not like the joker's however the ace of spades is a nice design although is not exactly big.
  8. Aladdins for the win. I have them sold cheap downstairs at the convenience store. Really cheap. Being a Singaporean does pay off.

    Unfortunately, being a Singaporean means that Bikes are expensive.

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