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  1. Where can I learn Charlie Miller's "Cascade Control"? Is there is book or DVD that explains this move? I found a video of it on YouTube. It looks nice! Go check it out:

    Thanks for your help guys!
  2. It's described in Racherbaumer's Card Finesse 2, but the description is very hard to learn from. I'm not aware of a easy-to-learn-from description. I've seen it done well by Andrew Wimurst and BJ Bueno; I hear Paul Chosse is quite adept at it too.
  3. I think there is a CD by Ian Kendall called "B!tch Hard Moves Made Easy" that teaches this sleight as well.

    Jordan Lapping and Ricky Smith are fairly adept at this control as well, but everyone already knows that.....
  4. Ohh yeah that DVD is pretty cheap and it also teaches the top shot and some other move that I forgot. I also forgot what the link was. Anyone wanna put it up?
  5. I don't normally post in the magic forums but this one was impossible to pass up.
    Erik Deflare used to have a video online with a PERFECT, IMPOSSIBLE cascade control. The real deal brothers!

    I don't have the link no more but someone on this forum is sure to have it...
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    The Cascade Control has a bit of a story around it for me personally, here's how it went:

    I remember hearing that the original execution of Charlie Miller's Cascade Control was fairly inadequet to perform 'under fire'. It was sort of like performing an Anti Faro - it was never very consistant upon execution. As a result, Paul Chosse revamped the handling to what is now used in Card Finesse, Volume 2 (which is the method I currently use).

    However, when I originally learned this move, it was from Ian Kendall's "Bastard Hard Moves Made Easy" CD, which I later found out was his take on the Paul Chosse’s method. I felt quite happy with it until I saw the realization that the mechanics were unnatural in grips, and in my opinion definitely butchured. This hit me right between the eyes during FISM 2006 when I got the priveledge to see Ricky Smith perform the move -- I was gob smacked. You can even hear me say "Oh, sweet!" during the take.

    I then looked around for different explanations and finally came across page 77 of "Card Finesse, Volume 2". Luckily for me, this had the perfect mechanics I was after. It looked like a regular waterfall flourish (where the left thumb was not supporting the face of the deck during the waterfall, unlike Ian Kendall's explanation) -- what more could I ask for? Since then I started working on the timing and found it was a much better performance peice to use than the previous, and much more covered; meaning even from the front this was also rather hidden which came as a surprise to me.

    ...And that's where my little 'story' ends. :) All-in-all, I would not recommend you learn from Ian Kendall's CD, but instead save up a bit more and find Card Finesse, Volume II - as I am sure you will be much more rewarded for your efforts. But, like always, that is just my views personally.

    Hope this helps :),
  7. Thasks jordan for the info on the move.
  8. Danny Garcia is pretty good at the move as well
    i hope to learn it soon
    thanks jordan for the info
  9. Thanks for you help guys!! I'll get started on the research and practice the move. Card Finesse 2 is going to be difficult to find. However, it will be worth it because it's a nice move.

    Thanks again, gang!!
  10. Christian Engblom also teaches his version of it on the Que Raro DVD (also the only source, as far as I know, for the Anti-Faro).
  11. Doesn't R. Paul Wilson have a version of Anti-Faro? I believe you can purchase a pdf download description from his site.
  12. Paul Wilson has a trick using the Anti-Faro, but as far as I know he doesn't actually teach the move iteself.
  13. If memory serves me correctly, he doesn't actually go over this move -- but rather explains you can use it in order to demonstrate the skill to the audience. As far as I'm aware, the actual mechanics to make the effect work do not require you to do an Anti Faro at all; but mearly appear like you're doing one -- if that makes sense?

    The Anti Faro is a move by the Finnish magician; Christian Engblom. The move consists of the cards being sprung in a short distance form hand-to-hand, only to then be stripped out during a cut. In effect, a Reverse Faro has just taken place. You can find the Anti Faro in, "!Que Raro!" by Christian Engblom and Dani DaOrtiz, as well as in Volume 64 - Number 5 of the May 2001 issue of Genii Magazine.

    Hope this helps :),
  14. Antifaro is more like a concept than a specific move. Juan Tamariz uses a lot's of antifaros (Known as Reverse Faro?). Many culls can be used as antifaros. Christian's antifaro is pretty unnecessary move (he states that himself) to learn.

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