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  1. Hello everyone,
    As you may have seen, Brad Addams just released his "card catch" effect Chaos. It's available at World Magic Store and soon on Penguin Magic.

    The effect is very easy: A card is chosen, lost into the deck. You then spring the cards onto the table and catch one card - the chosen one. What I love most about it is that there are no angle problems, you can perform it completely surrounded and because of the instant reset it's perfect for table hopping. What you get with the DVD is a special made deck that allows you to perform this effect.

    I really recommend this trick, as it's very easy to do, very visual and set on a very cheap price.

    Check it out! :)

    Kevin Schaller
  2. Can you perform any other tricks with the deck, or is a one trick deck, like the invisible deck or svengali deck
  3. The deck has been designed just to perform chaos, HOWEVER, you could perform a whole bunch of other things too - It's not like an invisible deck where you are limited to the one effect.

    I gig with my Chaos deck and perform all my other routines with it - When you see how the deck works, you'll understand how in some instances it'll make your performances of certain effects SO much easier and how it might limit you slightly.

    Either way, I work it, so it can't be that bad! ;)

  4. Can the selected card be signed by the spectator, lost in the deck, and then caught out of the springing deck?
  5. Calling for the Moderator!!!

    Dee, would you please answer my question?
  6. Hey Arnon,

    Unfortunately the chosen card can't be signed but it really is lost in the deck. The spectator can freely place it anywhere they want in the deck and you will catch it every time. Hope this helped!

  7. Thanks, Brad - your answer DID help and is much appreciated. :)

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