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  1. I recently bought a set of color chinese color coins but cannot find a decent routine other than the basic color change. Can someone point me in the right direction to where I can learn some good routines? Thank you.
  2. Do you have any coin resources currently that you are using? Are you just looking for any coin routines or stuff specifically using those coins?

    Curtis Kam is a pretty decent source for all things coins. I like his CSB routines and most of his stuff in general. "Silverado" and "Palms of Steel" are some of his dvd's that aren't too spendy. Pretty sure you could find stuff in there thats useful and a few things that specifically use chinese coins.

    Eric Jones has some good coins stuff as well. His version of "hellbound spellbound" is decent, he turns 2 silver coins to 2 chinese coins in that routine. You can find this routine in his "live at the table lecture" at for about 8 bucks but most of his stuff is worth checking out.
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  3. I thank you for your reply. I do 3 fly 3 already and some basic slights. But I am a big Fan of anything color magic. So I got me a set of these chinese color coins. They come in a set of 4. I get a code to a video that shows 1 slight move. I search the internet and find only 1 slight move with 2, out of the 4 coins. And I'm like, " That's It?" I'll check out your suggustions. Thanks again.

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