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    I just thought I could share this,
    Okay, so my mom threw a small christmas party tonight and I thought I might performs some magic to the guests tonight, and man I got the BEST reactions from some of these people. Mabye It was too much eggnog, but I was being screamed at.
    I was just sitting in a corner playing with my deck when a lady walked by and I asked her if she wanted to see somthing. So I did the simplified Hot Shot cut and her jaw dropped (usually I get reactions like a wow but she screamed!) Soon had a crowd of around 5 people around me so I just performed some simple stuff,Hoffzy Ozborne, ACR, A humerous Classic force routine(that was one of the best), a simple post-it note perdiction, and my muscle pass(at that point a lady asked me if she was drunk).
    I got some of the best reactions tonight than almost any other time so I thought I would share my experience.
  2. cool for u man ;)
  3. yeah man i had that once at a party also, it feels amazing doesnt it.

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