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  1. i know its ALOT but here is what im getting for christmas/birthday (dec. 15):
    13 steps to mentalism
    beyond secrets
    ultra smoke 2000
    PK silverware
    in the beginning there were coins
    anytime anywhere
    hundred dollar miracles.

    the ones that are dvds are:
    PK silverware
    in the beginning there were coins
    anytime anywhere
    hundred dollar miracles.

    the reason i typed in the ones that are dvds is because i need to know what order i should watch these in. i WILL be watching PK Silverware first period because i will be getting it on the 15 and then on the 19 i will do some silverware bending for a talent show. BUT after that, in which order should i watch these dvds?

  2. You're going to watch a dvd, then 4 days later do it in a talent show?!?! Maybe you should stick you what you already know...that'd be the logical and practical thing to do.

    (Then again, who does logical and practical anymore?? Am I the only one that thinks this is absurd?!?)
  3. i have no other choice. i dont have anything other than cards and that wont work. also i could probably ask my grandma to give it to me early like when it arrives which will be either this coming up wednesday or thursday instead of next saturday
  4. RRTCM (Learn everything on this book/DVD. Absolutley the best buy out of all of them)

    13 steps. (RRTCM of mentalism)

    In the begininng there were coins (you might as well have saved some money and bought Bobo)

    Beyond Secrets (Never seen it, but sounds pretty good)

    Earplugged (you will probably learn most things in this DVD that are taught in 'In the begininng there were coins'. I havn't got this DVD but to my knowledge, it's just a sponge ball DVD)

    Anytime Anywhere (havn't seen it, but if it's anything like Greg Wilson's On the Spot, then watch it)

    Paperclipped. (figured it out on the demo. Never perform it but I hear it gets crazy reactions)

    XB. (Pointless if you ask me. People are more entertained by magic, not showing off. Just my opinion)

    Ultra-smoke (I think this is pretty much self working? Might add a little to a performance, but a waste of money if you ask me)

    All of this will last you for the next good few years. You shouldn;t buy anything else untill you know most of this stuff. You've got your card magic, coin magic, sponge magic and mentalism in there which are the 4 main catagories of magic. All of which will last you for a long long time.
  5. Wow...if this is the future of magic, I'm concerned.

    Do yourself a favor (and I can't believe I'm suggesting this either. Someone slap me!)...go to home depot and buy some soft rope...magicians rope (it's sold at home depot...that's where I buy it). Then borrow your mom's credit card and get a couple instant downloads (ugh...I hate those things with a passion!) on rope magic. It sounds like you really wanna do that talent show, and rope magic is highly visible and easy to learn.

    But please for the love of god, DON'T DO PK SILVERWARE! Hopefully someone that has it will chime in and tell you that it takes longer than 4 days to master...hell, anything takes longer than 4 days to master! LOL!

  6. well ok. do you think you could direct me to some insta downloads on rope magic that would also look good if i threw in one or 2 puffs of smoke from US2K?

  7. Hey, I've got PK Silverware!

    DO NOT DO IT FOR THE TALENT SHOW. Don't. Bad idea.
    That routine definitely takes longer than 4 days to master. Please, just out of respect for Banachek and the beauty of the routine, do NOT try to perform it at the talent show. There is a lot of psychology involved. I don't care how much you practice at home by yourself...there are some aspects of the routine that you can only master by performing for real people and studying how they are affected. 4 days is not enough preparation to perform the routine at a talent show, which would presumably be on stage before a whole crowd.
    Plus, you would need to make sure everyone could see the silverware. Like...have a big screen with a close-up shot of the silverware.

    Just my thoughts.

  8. well it is a talent show for only my second period class. which is about 25 people. i guess i could do a fire wallet card to wallet but i really wanted to do something with the US2K
  9. Sorry but do something else. 4 days of practice is stupid. You need months or years if you want to really "master" a trick or sleight. You are buying wayyy too much magic at once too. Even if its for Christmas... you're expecting so many stuff for it.
  10. If you're just gonna bend one spoon and get the dvd a week early, thats a week and a hafl. I would kinda reconsider, but its your choice if its small

    please, please, please don't do a whole routine. If you really want to do it and have only 1.5 wks, do one spoon bend.
  11. this is ridiculous.
  12. you are gonna get so much stuff and learn it in 4 days? you must be amazing.
  13. My thoughts exactly...
  14. Here's an idea: Don't do the talent show! You shouldn't have commited to it without anything to perform. Listen to Steve. He knows what he's talking about.

    John :cool:
  15. i cant. i HAVE to do it. i have no choice whether to do it or not. but whatever guys ill just show a freakin card trick that everyone has seen before because theyve seen alll my tricks that i can think of. all i was going to do was bend like 2 spoons, not even do a whole routine and you people go crazy about it.

    and someone mentioned something about too much stuff. well i cant get the money to buy this stuff seperately myself and after doing that about 3 times, my stepdad will get sick of it and not let me order any more because im "wasting my money"

    but whatever. can mods delete this thread?
  16. No you don't. Tell whoever runs the show the situation and they'll understand. A crappy and very performance is much, much worse than backing out, even if everyone knows it.
  17. yes i do. ive tried that. she wont let me. its a MAJOR grade. everyone in the class has to do something
  18. If you absolutely "need" to use PK silverware, do two bends at the most. Do not try to perform the whole routine.

    There really is no reason that you have to do metal bending. "Freakin card tricks that everyone has seen before" aren't the only alternative, either. Take some sleights you already know and make a new effect. Do some coin magic, like a basic coins across routine or something. Do some other mentalism. There are tons of things you could do besides Banachek's amazing routine that you will have been practicing for four days.

  19. Like I said....if this is the future of magic, I'm concerned.
  20. I feel your pain.

    I say you do one of your card tricks. That should be fine for 25 people. And if they've all seen every trick you know (which I highly doubt), you should have enough time to tweak the presentation. If not, go with what Steve said: Cut & Restored Rope. ;)

    John :cool:

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