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    Hey guys,

    So I just started practising the 'Clipshift' by Chad Nelson, and I know that I'm going to be spending months learning and practising this to perfection.

    Does anyone have any tips to help me get started, and get into good habits when doing it? Stuff like how to practise efficiently, tips with the positions of the fingers or the thumb etc. Any help would be great.

    Please PM me if you are worried about revealing something.

    Thanks so much,

    P.S. Damn my hand hurts..
  2. One thing that helped me was not to overwork myself. Take a break for a day, come back to it, you will find it got easier, and you do it right more times than not. Just keep at it, taking these breaks every so often. You will get it eventually, good luck.

  3. Thanks a lot Andrew.. I'll try that. =)
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    Small little tip. You probably know this, but practice without the shake first. Then once you get the motion down, start shaking your hand and then...start shaking yo body cause you can do da clipshiftzz! Then go clipshifting like a boss! YAAY! WOHOO!!. I haven't had any alc... sugar. Why would you think that?
  5. Haha, epic.
  6. The type of cards you use will also help you out a lot. I can do the clipshift with a stiffer deck of cards (Aladdins) much easier and more quietly than I can with a thin deck (Bikes). The biggest tip I can give is to make sure you get a good "clip" because without it your clipshift will be loud and very hard to get back into place.

    BTW - this may help :

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