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  1. Need Help!
  2. move hasn't been out yet!!!
  3. Spam, jesus.
  4. Wait till the dvd comes out genius.
  5. ok
  6. Wow.......
  7. this is pointless how can we help if non of us knows how it works yet?
  8. I can help.

    First off, forget the cards. Concentrate on your fingers. When you do the move make sure ALL your fingers are on your hand. If you thumb is moving, make sure it's going up and down instead of in circles.

    This move doesn't use any Clubs, so make sure they are out of the deck. When you twist your hand behind your head make sure that the Two of Hearts shows at the bottom AND the top of the deck. If you don't, that might scare away the mouse you have hidden in your pocket.

    Now since this is the clipshift, you have to make sure that you clip on tie is on correctly to allow both ring fingers the access to switch the card around your back.

    That should clear up any confusion! Feel free to pm me!

    :D .....sorry, I couldn't resist...... :D
  9. Clipshift is actually done with only two cards. You just give an illusion that you're using a full deck.
  10. I've closed this thread because, I really don't understand the point, if there even is one.

    From what I can recommend from the very little information given, is wait until the Clipshift is actually released, on July 1st.

    If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding this thread don't hesitate to contact me directly,
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