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  1. O I see :)
  2. Let me clarify, because Dan and Dave came up with a cool little pivot move which they taught multiple times, Chris isn't allowed to use it in a flourish he's going to teach. But when d+m teaches a sybil move, everyone celebrates his creativity. No double standards in there at all.

    By the way, everyone gets annoyed at Chris for teaching that pivot move but no-one cares if he's going to teach the Tornado cut.... Interesting. Also, those of you accusing Chris of being unorginal, have you ever even seen the flourishes you say he's copying? Seriously?
  3. And you registererd as a memeber so that you could defend him? bleh.

    Who said that D+M was original? he was applauded because of the style he prints on his flourishes.

    Im just seeing another guy here playing "lets be DnD!" again.

  4. I can't be bothered arguing with self centered morons who are incapable of reasonable discussions and unwilling to change thier minds so I'm just going to let you think you've won this by leaving. Buy this when it comes out and you'll see how original it is, but then you'll still say it's unoriginal just so you can try to save face.

  5. Jesus, did I saw that it was unoriginal?


    My problem here is not giving credit where credit is due, that's all, I can't see the "10 ENEW BRAND FLOURISHES CONCEPTS" etc.

    With that said, I never said that I dislike his material, I'll most probably buy the dvd, but read my posts before arguing man.

    You just owned yourself there.
  6. You can believe that if it makes you happy.
  7. Dont try to be like "oh im avoiding this discussion because im cool"

    This is internet for christ sakes, you guys take things way to seriously, I respect the guy, I have nothing against him. But come on, denying things isn't going to help proe my point wrong.

    You comparing Chris to Daniel Madison just proves my point further.

    So. Peace be with you brother.
  8. Interesting, now your taking the "holier than thou art" position...
  9. Interesting, you are debating my way of posting rather than my points.

    Anyway, that was my way of saying that I respect your opinion.

    have a nice day.
  10. This was really supposed to be a discussion, not an argument.
  11. I thought it was a debate.

    Anyway, I'll most probably pick a copy of this as soon it gets released :).
  12. Well i saw variations/concepts of Tectonic Verb, Sybil, some daniel madison stuff, molecule, leno and random single card twirls. So in my eyes, no its not original and brand new at all :p But hey it looks good, alot of flashy cuts i m sure some beginners ll pick it up. It could be a nice alternative for system or lethal. I wish you good luck with this dvd.

    cheers sebastian
  13. Mr. Webber, Can we get an update on the price??
  14. Haha me too, and now Chris, you can just say "Yah you were right Chopper" Cause he's gunna pick a copy up anyways :p
  15. Price

    The price will be $25 USD
  16. Thanks, keep us updated!
  17. Yep, the fact that Dan and Dave teach their own moves multiple times is completely irrelevant to Chris teaching the move.
    Someone needs a history lesson. Lethal was released in 2006 and slated to be released earlier. It is now 2009. Back then variations were much more acceptable, the standards were infinitely lower than they are today. And who celebrates DM's creativity?
    Ashford Kneitel might as well be dead, if you can't see the difference between him and Dan and Dave then you are probably blind. But that's besides the point, Dan and Dave didn't have to teach the tornado on the Trilogy...

    So who's the moron that can't change his mind?
  18. Motion much?

    And your saying that plagiarism is ok as long as the person your plagiarising doesn't complain?

    Oh and by the way, I am perfectly willing to change my mind, I just haven't yet seen one legitimate argument to make me do so.
  19. Who said the sybil variations on Motion were so creative?
    When did I say that? My only point was that sometimes moves are bigger than their originators. Take the Revolution Cut, no one gives credit to that magician (who's name escapes me atm) who invented it decades ago. But it's irrelevant, and if you're so worried about plagarism, why no comment about how there were no credits in the trailer...?
  20. Brian Tudor invented the Revolution cut and the only reason no-one credits him is because people like you don't do their research or bother keeping track of the great classic moves out. And because most people hate Tudor these days anyway but that's beside the point.

    I'm not actually worried about plagiarism because I believe that when something is taught, people shouldn't just go out and do what they're taught, but adapt it and be inspired by it.

    Just so you know, I have actually seen all these flourishes in person and actually know most of them and there is only one that I would call at all unoriginal, but it is an original mix of classic and more recent moves so I can see the justification behind calling it original.

    Also, I believe someone said that one of the flourishes looked like Leno. Let me ask you this, since when is every flourish that uses the chin a variation of Leno?

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