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  1. I have been practicing coin magic for three years. I have never had a teacher because in my area there is really nothing related to magic. Because of this I have been forced to perform self working card tricks. I love coin magic but in order to bring joy to people I need help making my moves convincing. I've tried reaching out to people but have been ignored. Is this somewhere I can find help? Thank you
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  2. Well you definitely came to the right place! Do you have any videos of you performing magic so we can see where you are skill wise?

    :) welcome to T11!

  3. I do have one recent video that I made I couldn't figure out if there is a way to post it here. Sorry I'm really new to this. I hope this works. If not please inform me and I'll find a different way to show the video. Thank you for being willing to help me
  4. Any suggestions or corrections would be greatly appreciated thank you.
  5. You might ask for personal help at a magic shop or join a regional magic club or travel to a magicians' convention. That way others will be able to give you specific support.

    Your routine on the video is long. I would advise you to shorten it up. To help keep other people watching your video for a long routine I would suggest get the lighting right. You might also want to add music in the background.
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    Hey Echo,

    For someone just starting off in magic, and is completely self taught, that routine was very nicely done. There are a few places that need a little smoothing out. But don't worry too much as that will come with time and practice.

    Since your videos are to get help, not to start a vlog channel and get views, don't worry about the length, music, and effects. If you want to be a YouTube celebrity, you can do that later. What you did above is fine to get reviews on here.

    Good YouTube channels you may want to check out are Coin Magic Underground, School of Cardistry for better handling of cards, and Nadjib Haffaf for miscelaneous tricks. If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me a PM.

    Good luck,
  7. I was totally impressed. The thing that was a little off was the concept. Not sure if there is any meaning behind moving coins under cards.
  8. it's a matrix routine, the premise of the magic is that one coin jumps from under one card to under another.

    There's a fair few magicians out there who break down coin magic very well. Eric Jones has some amazing material out there. I recommend checking his penguin or at the table lecture, he gives such good advice.
    Bobo's Modern Coin Magic is a go to book for some amazing help, advice and routines.
    See if you're able to get in contact with Michael Vincent, he's a quality guy. I know he holds a fair few lectures and takes willing magicians under his wing. You can reach him on facebook.

    Best of luck buddy :)
  9. @Frankie The Card,
    Wonderful advice and links.

    If possible, try to find a copy of Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo
    This Kindle version is under $5

    Or you can find the paperback at various places (as well as Amazon, but I prefer my FLMS - Favorite Local Magic Shop)

    There are many DVD's available for budding coin enthusiasts, I like Intro to Coin Magic by Michael Ammar.

    After you get some time on the Pond (sorry, old Navy term), try stuff by David Roth or Eric Jones.

    There's a lot of great coin stuff out there.
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    I am sorry, but I wouldn't advise you go to Disturb Reality. Jarek is a great guy, but most of what he does is not well practiced and what he teaches is not very well taught. Youtube is a rough go for quality. As far as one of the best I have seen is 52Kards. Asad is very talented and so is Vinh. For coin magic, if you've read the books by Bobo (Modern Coin Magic) and David Roth (Expert Coin Magic), Those both have excellent video courses! (Expert Coin Magic Made Easy and The MCM Dvd set which is by Magic Makers) Youtube is not a good route for it.
  11. Along with what Dmezhkov recommended, I'd highly recommend the works of Eric Jones (Metal Vol 1-3; An Extension of Me Vol 1-3) and Ponta the Smith (Sick dvd).
  12. I also forgot Homer Liwag's "CoinOne", "CoinTwo", and "Trifecta".

    If you're looking for gimmicked coins, check out:
    High end: Jamie Schoolcraft (
    Mid-Range: Roy Kueppers (
    Low/Mid-Range: Johnson products

    The other High-end guy is Todd Lassen. I don't know much about his products. He was excessively rude to me when I called him on two occasions to inquire about certain products (which has occurred to others as well). Hence, I went with Jamie Schoolcraft and he's great to work with and very polite. Personally, if I'm going to spend $300-$500 on some stinken gimmicked coins, I have no interest in dealing with someone who is uptight and wines about my questions. I'm not that desperate to own your product...

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