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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by coorothecrow, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. whoa this is an old thread....I think it's going to be a collection of flourishes and utility moves, pehaps along with Change?
  2. "Collateral boasts some of Daniels most guarded secrets and creations in modern magic"

    So it's not gonna be flourishes only and probably not with Change :( Or maybe with Change. I read from one of Daniel pdf that he has 3 most guarded secrets: The devils touch, Change and something that he wont tell...
  3. Thanks guys.
    Yeah i realized this thread was old but i didnt want to make a new one since there already was one.
    I ask because on D+Ms site it says collateral due halloween so i wondered if anybody knew more about it.
    I remember he once said change was due out next year along with other changes he has so
    probably not in collateral.
  4. It says that it is a continuation off of Identity, so it probably is a magic book mostly focusing on cards.
  5. whoa, i just got back to theory11 and i see this thread back on the list! kinda wierd... anyways, i hope dm's collateral will not have many gimmicks yet have good effects. i'm not against gimmicks but i just dont to buy too much.☺☻

    BTW, i'm learning to breakdance. does anyone break? just wondering
  6. d+M has never let me down with his effects. Collateral i think will include magic effects mostly but it could be something like madness also (combine both magic and flourishing).

    to coorothecrow: if you own dome of d+M's stuff (especially BURN) , then you should know that as he states isnt very fond of gimmicked cards either but rather uses "acceptable gaffs", which are gaffs that u can very easily construct without having to buy sth etra. Anyway if d+M decided to include an effect/effects that require more than "acceptable gaffs" , then i think it will worth it.

    i really want Collateral and Psycho (i am addicted to Daniel's work) and i really love his accent

  7. Yes, it says so in 3. He tells us about Devils Touch in 3, Change will probably get a whole dvd on it's own (unless collateral will be something like Surfaced :D) So that leaves 'something else'....hum...
  8. Collateral is released . It sounds
    pretty darn good ,doesnt' it?
  9. it is? i need to check

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