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    Probably not. The above is as close as we will likely go (which I will get updated shortly with recent decks). When we create decks, we do not care about version numbers in most cases, or keeping track of the teeny, tiny little tweaks. If a tweak makes a deck better in our opinion, we will usually do it. We don't keep a log of all these little changes, or printing dates, or anything else that the variant collectors are after. If I'm providing info here, it comes from personal knowledge I have from being involved, or it is from me digging back through records to answer questions. I'm not likely to be going back through my records to find out the exact date that we updated the logo on the bottom flap of the tuck case for a specific deck.

    What he^ said.

    Same deal. Discontinued with no plans to reprint on our end. We are focused these days on our own designs, not just re-colors of existing USPC designs. US Playing Card company (who owns the Bee and Stinger trademarks) printed a Stinger deck recently-ish.

    The above list covers theory11 decks, not USPC decks that we sell. The few USPC designs on this list (a la Stingers or Titanium) are decks we commissioned or were the exclusive sellers for. Plain old Red Rider Backs are definitely decks we sell, but we had nothing at all to do with their creation

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  2. Fair enough. Not that the current lineup isn’t incredible, it is! I just have a soft place in my heart for traditional backs and simplified designs.

  3. Does anyone know how many of the Mandarin monarchs were printed? I figured that number would've been released, since it was a limited run.
  4. We don't release print numbers of any of our decks. Sorry!

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  5. Hmm...not seeing Purple Monarchs on the list. Nor the Derren Brown decks. Star Wars are in a galaxy far, far away.
  6. Artisan Gold? Aristocrats?
  7. Nice catches. Updated.

    Aristocrats aren't our decks at all. We didn't design, commission, or provide the major release for those. They are available through US Playing Card just like Bikes or Tally Ho.

    We helped create Bicycle 125s, hence their place on the list. We had the only major release of Brown Wynns. We commissioned those specific Bee Stinger releases. A bit different than Artstocrats, which we literally just ordered from USPC. If we just bought them and had no involvement with their creation, then I'm not including them here.


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  8. Didn't know that about the Aristocrats.

    One other (since I bought one) that also probably doesn't merit going on the list but I will mention it anyway is the special large tuck case that holds four decks of Monarchs. It's not really a deck but it looks like one and, in my opinion, should be included in any definitive list of the Monarch family.

    And, to be completely over the top detailed, the original Artisan deck is the Black Edition rather than just Artisan.
  9. Green Rarebits?
    Hollywood Roosevelts?

    I actually don't really know if these are real so I'm kinda just looking for an answer to that..
  10. The original Rarebit deck was green, and is listed on this list as "Rarebit".

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  11. Hollywood Roosevelts are definitely real, can be found on eBay. I messaged the Hollywood Roosevelt seeing if I could buy a deck from them directly, haven't heard back from them yet.
  12. Product(RED) special edition?
  13. Yep, good catch. Haven't added that recent release to this yet.

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  14. Is it significant enough of a change to say Medallions V1 vs V2 when you stopped using gold inks on the back in favor of just a brown and white design? To a large portion of the consumer base, I'm sure that would be a pretty big change. I was one who was absolutely not in favor of it. To add, and I believe a more minor change that was less noticeable, Theory11's product page notes, "The original version was a fan favorite. This new edition is now available with enhanced embossing."
  15. Anyone know what the first gaff deck by Daniel madison was? I'm looking for the one that has a card identifying reading system on the back but I forget the name of that deck.
  16. The marked deck by Daniel Madison and theory11 was called Players.

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