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    theory11 Decks Publicly Released

    White Centurion
    White Monarch
    Silver Monarch
    Red Monarch
    Green Monarch
    NYSM2 Monarch
    Gold Monarch
    Purple Monarch
    Monarch Mandarin
    JAQK Red
    JAQK Black
    JAQK Blue
    JAQK Amethyst
    Mystery Box
    Mystery Box Black
    Rarebit Copper
    Rarebit Gold
    MailChimp Black
    MailChimp Summer
    5th and Laurel
    Howler Brothers
    NOC x Midnight
    Artisan White
    Artisan Gold
    Animal Kingdom
    Love Me
    Charity: Water (Yellow)
    Charity: Water (Blue)
    Tycoon Red
    Tycoon Blue
    Tycoon Black
    Tycoon Ivory
    Tycoon Green
    National Green
    National Red
    High Victorian
    High Victorian Red
    (Product) RED
    (Product) RED V2
    Hudson Black
    Bicycle Titanium Blue
    Bicycle Titanium Red
    Bee Titanium Blue
    Bee Titanium Red
    Tally Ho Titanium Blue
    Tally Ho Titanium Red
    Tavern on the Green
    Derren Brown
    Star Wars: Light Side
    Star Wars: Dark Side
    Hollywood Roosevelt

    theory11 Licensed Designs

    Silver Steampunk
    Gold Steampunk
    Bicycle Guardians

    theory11 Releases not created by theory11

    Heritage 4-Pack
    Bee Stingers Black
    Bee Stingers Red
    Brown Wynn
    Bicycle 125th Anniversary Edition

    Decks Not Ever Released for Public Sale

    Eleven Madison Park Monarchs
  2. There are probably a bunch missing here. If you know of one, let me know and I will add it to the correct place.

    // L
  3. Wow your awesome Lyle!
    Only thing I can think of is to add the yellow charity water deck under public release and 125 bicycle anniversary under releases not created by theory11
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  4. Also just remembered the titanium edition bikes, tally’s and bees.
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  5. Question: Why were Eleven Madison Park Monarchs never released for the public? how can I have a view of these
  6. They were made fir a specific restaurant highlighting a themed menu
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  7. Hi Lyle Borders

    I've my own list of all the decks launched by Theory11, sorted by launch date. I'm completing it with the exact launch date. Maybe it can be helpful to someone.

    You can see the list here:

    (note: I've read the rules and I believe that I don't break any rule, if I break it, please let me know)
  8. What about the recent deck on Ellen?

    I was under the impression it was a unique promo and not a reprint?
  9. Added! Those were a deck done specifically for Ellen, and for no other purpose. Never sold by us, not something you can get from us. Same sort of classification as the EMP Monarchs.

    // L
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  10. How the heck did I miss this one? Good catch!
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  11. Thanks! I haven't updated this since June, but we have indeed released Provisions since then. Added.
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  12. Just going through my own stuff and looking at new products. I'm surprised by how many I have, but also impressed by how many more there are. This is going to be fun :D
  13. Hi, Lyle.

    Is there any way to get a complete and comprehensive list from Theory11 of every deck ever produced, including version numbers and production/release dates?

    Thank you so much,

  14. So ahhhh,

    when are we getting some more titanium decks?

    just saying, those bees were amazing and I kinda want them again given I’m completely out.

  15. Can’t speak for Theory11 but I’m pretty sure they are done producing decks that are Bicycle branded. It’s not really their style anymore.
  16. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but sadly these are discontinued and we have no plans to have these re-printed.
  17. well, that sucks. maybe someone else will do something similar in future.

    what about stingers?
  18. As random as it is? Doesn’t theory11 sell red rider backs and thus it should be on the list?

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