Confession of magicians

Jul 31, 2017
- I don't have any magic book
- I started and learn magic from youtube vidéos and magic forums
-I think your personality and what people think of you are more important than performing good tricks.
-I like cards more than people do
-I only have 9 tricks in my repertoire
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Jun 18, 2017
Let’s see. I got into card magic through David Blaine and found a couple of forums where I discovered Royal Road. However I found it so difficult to get through that I practically gave up on card magic for over a decade. Fast forward and I found Oz Pearlman’s Born to Perform where I finally became inspired to pursue magic further. I wish I had RRTCM here with me now though - it’s stuck in England (I’ve since bought many other books but I still find them a bit heavy, the shame...)

After all those years of on and off card magic it took learning Greg Wilson’s 3/4 across as my introduction to coin magic to appreciate the difference between knowing a sleight and mastering a sleight. You either get it bang on or you flash and totally ruin the trick.

I’ve bought about $400 worth of magic in the past six months but mainly from open boxes on Penguin or cheap Dover paperbacks. It looks bad to my girlfriend, but I think I only spent about $150... (too scared to check, mind)

I think the only genuinely innovative magic I’ve seen in the past few months is in the area of rubber bands.

I practiced the pass for over a year and still haven’t really found a trick where it’s needed.

I’ve stopped buying decks other than Bicycle red and blue. I’m too overprotective to use them otherwise.

I get angry when Rick lax’s face pops up on a video demo of a product. He really used to annoy me on Facebook before I even realised he was a legitimate magician.

Of all the magical ‘characters’ a performer make take on, be it a psychic or a card cheat or a mind reader, I find the ‘magic is just sleight of hand and no one believes anything otherwise’ type of persona repulsive.


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May 18, 2017
The first trick I learned is from a Youtube video and it's still the trick I perform the most and got the better reactions.
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Aug 28, 2017
I don't like youtube magic (like Jibreezy and the "read your mind" videos"

I know more sleights than tricks

I learned twisting the asher but never perform it

I have revolutionary card technique but I hate it and only use 2 moves in it

My favorite card control is just a cut

I really hate to practice coin magic

I don't use a self-working trick, which is a shame because they are usually better
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Jul 26, 2016
I love to research and learn very obscure self-working card tricks in order to fool magicians who come into the bar/restaurant I work at to "check out the magician." I get way more of a high than I should seeing the looks of puzzlement and perplexity on their faces, and to hear them exclaim: "I never saw the move!"

I use a Cheek to Cheek deck to perform the Double Exposure card trick (Asi Wind). It's just flat out easier and works every time.

I find performances of card effects by most top flight card men (except Bill Malone) boring.

I spend way too much time alone with my Multiplying Rabbits.
Sep 7, 2017
I have never read Expert at the Card Table or Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, even though I've had them on my shelf for about 2 years. Also, I've been doing magic for 6 years, but have never performed for a stranger. I know, sad right?
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