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Confession of magicians

Jul 26, 2016
My confession: I have frequently tipped servers in restaurants/bars I've worked at to pick up signed cards I've palmed off and dropped on the floor behind me and to go outside and stick them on the window with a little piece of double stick tape. After having the spectator look through the deck to find their card has vanished, their attention is, of course, directed to the window, where they see their signed card staring them in the face. This has cost me some money, but I think I have made a profit considering the tips the trick has gotten - not to mention the priceless reactions of the patrons and the good will it builds with the servers.
May 9, 2020
I gave up Magic (also music) for over 10 years because the woman I was in love with a at the time was insecure and afraid I would find someone "better" while performing. The relationship only lasted a year, this is me trying to get back into it.

I don't actually like performing for money, I feel like it takes some of the fun out of it.

I have a deep dislike of Criss Angel and have never watch anything he's done specifically because I was compared to him so much when I first started doing close up magic (he was at his peak at the time). The only reason I was compared to him because We had a similar style (black clothes, long hair) and we did magic.
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Dec 9, 2019
I have too many gimmicks and props most of wich i dont use

I bought two rubicks cube tricks for a total of nearly 300$ and used one of them twice, the other is still in the box

I own over 250 decks of cards and can barely pull off a double lift

When performing i tell myself that im im greatest man in the room right now, but at night tell myself i will never be 1/10th the magician i i wou like to be

My only practice is showing my wife my new trick, fail most of the time, and then go out and perform to the rest of my family as the real deal.

I got back into magic to have a skill i could amaze my newborn son with when he gets older

I actually now use magic as a method of getting people to buy me shots at the bar.

Despite not knowing any. (barely) sleights, i get away with alot of tricks and stun people and i i now wonder how this is possible (ive fooled myself)
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