Could you please name the sleights in this video?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Akshay_The_Alva, May 15, 2019.

  1. Especially the one at 0:36.

  2. I think 0:36 is some sort of 4 card DPS but I'm not positive. His "big stupid hands" are in the way lol.
  3. I can do the move I just forgot the name, I think he teaches it on the video where you make 2 cards jump out of the deck using a rubber band. It can be used to control cards to the top or bottom of the deck.
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  4. At 0:36 that is a half-pass, I am certain.
  5. It's not a half pass. A half pass reverses cards, it doesn't control them to the top of the deck.

    He does a Hermann pass to control the king.

    Then he performs what looks like a straddle pass to control multiple cards to the top of the deck.

    That's my guess.

    Other moves in the video include the Rel Change, Paintbrush Change/Airbrush Change, Cardini Change/Ego Change, DPS(Diagonal palm shift), Rub a dub vanish, then I think he does a classic pass though I'm not sure, then a dribble pass, Then he messes around with Looy Simonoff's Flippant, and the duck change.
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  6. Thanks a lot everyone.
    It was the straddle pass.

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