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  1. Does anybody have advice on the best cards to use for Counterfeit? I'm practising with cheap toy shop cards and the tears are often 'fluffy' which makes the 3rd restore temperamental - it works, but a sharper tear would better for when I'm ready to go public.
  2. I always use in magic bicycle cards or phoenix cards so I have over 50 old used decks and I use those for practicing. I keep them all in a box so I can just grab them and practice. You want to use the same brand for practice as for performance so I just practice with my old bicycles. I also have a couple of decks that aren't used very much ( just a little worn ) and I use those as duplicates for performance. For example, I take the deck that I am using for performance, I add the duplicates from my spare decks and take out the real card, saving that for after the performance. I hope that makes sense. The idea is just to use your old bicycles that you don't use anymore for practice.
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  3. It makes perfect sense, thank you. I was thinking of stocking up on STD Bicycles but wanted to put it out there.
  4. STD Bikes are what I use and they work like a charm. Don't forget this effect works with business cards as well so be sure to practice and perform with those as well!
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  5. Worn cards that I normally wouldn't use anymore, I use to practice.
    I also find myself practicing on receipts, and tiny napkins too just out of the blue if I'm going to discard them anyway.
  6. Thanks, I have been using card-sized templates, the last restore is really needed on a card. Still grinding indoors yet! Thanks for the help

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