torn and restored

  1. L

    What is this trick ? (Dynamo Torn&Restored)

    Hello magic friends ! I’m looking for cool torn&restored card tricks and I loved this effect performed by Dynamo in the 1st episode of Beyond Belief. Do you know the name of this trick, where I could find it and/or an alternative. The trick is at 23:15 Thanks a lot ! Lockhard
  2. rob_tabris

    Unsigning signed T&R card quest

    Hello, beautiful people... A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away...) I watched a T&R card trick with a signed card... And at the end of that trick, the creases were "ironed" away and the signature was peeled off the card as if it was an "ink thread" barely glue to the card... Does anyone...
  3. Davis West

    Where to Buy Newspaper?

    I have a current obsession with the torn and restored newspaper. My only issue is finding lots of duplicate newspapers. To all those magicians who perform this trick on a regular basis, where do you find so many duplicate papers to perform?
  4. Wkirk1467

    Incomplete Deck Ideas

    Some tricks I create or perform require me to destroy or make cards unusable. I am always left with partial decks that have no use to me. I hate to waste good cards but have no idea what to use them for. Any ideas?
  5. Ben2__Ben2

    Counterfeit advice

    Does anybody have advice on the best cards to use for Counterfeit? I'm practising with cheap toy shop cards and the tears are often 'fluffy' which makes the 3rd restore temperamental - it works, but a sharper tear would better for when I'm ready to go public.
  6. Maaz Hasan

    Where can I find duplicates?

    While my preferred form of magic is the inspect-able or impromptu type, I still do some effects that require duplicates. For example, when I do a specific torn nd restored effect I believe most of you are familiar with, I need 2 dupes of the same card. However, for the last year, I have grown...
  7. PatrickTrujillo

    Torn & Restored Transpo

    Hello, I have been debating myself whether to buy Regeneration or not and than, BOOM! This new product shows up. No my only concern is this: I am a beginner and I am worried that Torn & Restored will be too hard for me.
  8. M

    Top Ten Close up illusions

    Greetings all..!!! Ive been a fan of magic for over 15 years now, as hobby for 11 year and the rest as a semi pro close up magician. My specialty is close up and im pretty damn good at presentation. Sleight of hand is about 6.5 / 10 rating I guess. My question is what would you rate as the the...
  9. N

    Color Change TnR

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the technique or at least a good starting place for learn the color change TnR like SansMind or Nash. I don't want to know their methods because I like figuring it out myself, but could someone point me towards the place to look into? Much thanks, Nick
  10. Martin Eret

    Torched and Restored

    When I first started looking into T&R effects I thought I'd always prefer piece by piece over a flash restoration, but I'm becoming increasingly interested in Brent's Torched and Restored. What's the best way to learn it? Does the Torched and Restored Revisited PDF provide enough information to...
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