Creating Magic FOR Spectators

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  1. Magic is meant to be performed, right?

    This is a bit of an idea that I've been thinking about when trying to come up with new tricks. This is for people that want to create their own material but seem uninspired.
    I think a major problem is that many of us are creating tricks with our avaliable sleights in mind. I don't think you should say, "Here is what I can do, now what trick can I make up with it?" I think that when someone is coming up with a trick, they should imagine showing it to the spectator in the process. When you do it that way then new methods/sleights could be created. If you imagine showing the trick (that doesn't exist yet) to the audience, you can guess how it will play with spectators, and therefore the trick is made for the spectators.
    I've made up tricks before, with only sleights in mind, and performed them, only to find out they don't work well with real people. So then I made up an effect with the spectator in mind, (in which I created a few new sleights), and it worked very well with audiences.
    I think this is one of the secrets to creativity.
    So when your trying to create an effect, don't think of what you can do, think of what the spectators would like.

  2. plus... adding to your thoughts....

    always try to relate to the spectator....

    I made a trick based around Hide and Go Seek... everybody has played it and the story behind it is exactly like what everyone remembers from the game.

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