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  1. So who do you think the most creative magicians in the world are? There are tons of guys out there that are always creating. Even if I don't use their creations I love to look at their magic as an inspiration to my own.

    My top four is probably
    Paul Harris
    Jim Steinmeyer
    Jay Sankey
    Gregory Wilson

    Who are the most creative guys in magic in you opinion?
  2. I think this really centers on the area of magic you study. The guys you list certainly fit a particular niche but to an old box pusher like me, they wouldn't be applicable.

    I'd really have to burn some brain cells on this question in order to refine it.
  3. I don't know him, but I've heard that Gaetan Bloom is very creative.
  4. Although Sankey has an unrivaled output (the only living magician that beats him in that regard is Max Maven AFAIK), I think most of the stuff he publishes today is utter crap. He beats the **** out of every single idea that comes to his mind, regardless of whether it`s good or not.

    IMO Kevin James and Garrett Thomas are very creative guys.
  5. Good ones Chris....I would second Garrett and Kevin.
  6. I think as a creative magician as being able to use a wide variety of objects, straws, spoons, cups. I highly recommend checking out the Calen Morelli lecture as featured on PenguinMagic, he has a such a creative mind and I truly enjoy it, he talks a ton about and features many ideas from his "365 days of magic". Another one of my favorite creative magicians is mathieu bich, for the simple reason that his effects are so different and amazing from anything else you see out there right now. Both of their methods are ingenious and I think that is what makes a creative magician.
  7. When we say "Creative" are we talking about effects/methods or style/presentation?
  8. I meant it as effects and new plots. Although there are some great creative presentations, Barry and Stuarts version of interlude comes to mind. So whatever you think.

    Yeah I know what you mean Craig, I lean towards close up because that's what I do primarily.
  9. Jim Steinmeyer
    Mathieu Bich
    Tom Stone
    John Bannon
    John Gustaferro
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    Daniel Garcia
    Matheu Bich
    Tom Stone
  11. I was amiss to mention Kevin James but there are a few other old chums from my youth that should be included as well, like Franz Harrary, Jay Scott Berry, and Rudy Colby.

    Needless to say there were the builders of the day like John Gaughan, Bill Smith, Willie Kennedy, and long before Creative Illusions became a reality, my friend Ken Whitaker who gave us several unique pieces over the years.

    I wish my memory were better in that I know for a fact that there's a dozen or two others I'm not able to recall off hand.
  12. For me, I like Gaetan Bloom and Tom Stone.
  13. I have props that I bought from Jay Scott Berry that I have been using for more that twenty years now. The TT I use I has a slight modification that he did that opens it up to all kinds of extra uses.
  14. Tommy Wonder...
  15. Arguably, Jay was the first to introduce a "Manipulation Light" routine prior to the more popular system so many clamor over these days. . . I still have one of the gimmicks that I use in Seance situations (to light up a Crystal Ball).

    Jay's vanish to fog is priceless; one of the more unusual vanishes born in a time long pre-dating eCigarette technology.
  16. I must need more coffee. I misread that as vanish to FROG and thought 'wow yea that would be unusual but also awkward.' time to go get caffeinated.
  17. Jay Scott Berry's a new name to me I ought to look up some of his material
  18. Jay can be a bit of an enigma, he took 2nd place at FISM the year Lance won the Grand Prix. I was lucky enough to know him during those days and work as a kind of assistant to his primary coach (Peter Pit) when fine-tuning his program. You can find him on Facebook though his big thing now days leans more towards music with a bit of magic rather than pure magic I believe. He's very much vested in New Age type thinking as well, always has been.
  19. My personal opinion is:
    Dan hauss
    Alex Pandrea
    Josh Burch
    Chris wiehl
    Marcus Eddie
    Eric Jones
    And ehhhhh..... Jeff prace
  20. I don't know this can be a tricky subject because when you REALLY think about it. Just about all of these current or even the performers from the 60's to 90's pretty much rehashed things that have been around for decades. People talk about Dai Vernon like was a god among men. But when you look back on most of his stuff. Specially Out of Sight, Out of Mind (which actually was in Expert at the card table, before Vernon popularized it.). You can really see that even he would rehash things.

    I don't really have any magicians that I think were that creative. I look more up the actual thinkers in magic who have put their stuff to work and know WHY it works and HOW it works. Also, the guys who think in terms of practicality over "cleverness".

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